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Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 08] ’Behind the scenes of Love Who Loves You Back‘

Mimi K.
Mimi K. 1 day ago

Here we are, Buzzneters! It's Wednesday again!

First of all, once again for all the support, the shared posts and the suggestions, I'm really really happy and you are making my days, seriously. For me it's such important to see all this support from Buzznet for Tokio Hotel, I still remember when you interviewed them in 2008, Bree rocked! It's still one of my fav interviews so far!

By the way, yesterday we had the music video premiere of "Love Who Loves You Back", lead song of Kings Of Suburbia album (coming out on October 3rd in Germany and Worldwide on 6th/7th, the guys confirmed LWLYB is available also on iTunes USA now: click HERE for more info).

Today we're going to see what happened during the making of this amazing music video that personally I think it's really deep as meaning: in the end if like can offer you a lot, you are alone.

I really really love this episode and it's my fav so far! I love seeing the guys all together, all smiling, happy and satisfied, I'd like to share my words in YT comments box below the video:

"Ok guys, this is definitely my fav episode so far of this season.
I really really loved it. I love seeing you all together, happy, satisfied and all smiling.
I loved every single seconds: from the beginning with Tom saying: "Morning, hm?" looking at those two girls to Georg's joke on "trying to put some life in this face" (I have to say this make up artist is pretty cool and really rock'n'roll to quote her words, I don't know who she is but I love her only for how she treated you in the backstage); Bill you are the cutest ever, but you can be also freaking handsome and hot at the same time, Gustav I love your professionalism and I see there's always a problem to put off the drums, things never change in years hahah
I love you so much, guys. Even though I always hope for your reply I know you read my comments here and my tweets as well, it's important for me you know what I think about you, that my support is growing every day more since 2007, you turned my life in better and I will always glad to you for that. 
Can't wait to see you live in concert again, I miss you on stage and I bet you miss it too.
Keep rocking,
Always yours.


I hope you guys like this episode as much as I do and let me know what you think in the comments below:

Don't miss the next episode on October 8th, I bet we're going have a lot of fun again ;)


And if you didn't pre-order your King Of Suburbia copy on iTunes, do it now!



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Music Video Premiere: Tokio Hotel 'Love Who Loves You Back'

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 30, 2014

The await is OVER!

Here we are: Tokio Hotel just uploaded their lead single's official music video of "Kings Of Suburbia"

In the last hours the guys shared few friendly reminders on their social accounts like the two below:

"LOVE WHO LOVES YOU BACK video premiere tomorrow on our Facebook Profile at 5pm CET!! Join us!"

"Can't wait for you guys to see the #LWLYB video today at 5pm CET on our Facebook profile! #video #coloringroom"

Also JoJo Wright has been so crueling cute to share a little sneak peek of the music video:

By the way... 




And now the world premiere of "Love Who Loves You Back"




UPDATE: The music video is available on YouTube, check it out below:


Do you like the song?

What do you think about the music video?


Leave a comment below with your thoughts and remember #ShareTheLOVE ;) 

I have my idea about the music video concept, I'd like to know yours and then I tell you mine ;)


Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 27, 2014

Hey Aliens!!! Another in the JoJoWright.com exclusive series with Tokio Hotel, the guys tell JoJo about the new song “Love Who Loves You Back”!

 Love Who Loves You Back is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for digital download.

[Click HERE for more info]

I advice you to get it and also listening on Spotify. For a while all the listenings on digital platforms, as Spotify, are counted in the selling charts.



What do you think of "Love Who Loves You Back"?


Main source: jojowright.com


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EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel Release 'Love Who Loves You Back‘ Lead Single + Teaser

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 26, 2014

Hello Buzzneters,

I hope all of you are fine and you are having a great Friday, but I have something could make turn your day in a better way.

I'm talking about Tokio Hotel lead single of Kings Of Suburbia era.

After "Run, Run, Run" and "Girl Got A Gun" is time of "Love Who Loves You Back" an amazing midtempo with sonorities of 90s disco music, it's such magic, it creates a beautiful atmosphere and makes you travel with your mind.

I'm so proud of those four boys, because with these three songs they showed how creative and talent they are and how different this new album will be. Each track is going to have its own genre, its own sonorities and this is really brilliant.

Tokio Hotel also released the teaser of the upcoming music video tweeting:

First scenes of our new single video 'Love Who Loves You Back'! #ShareTheLOVE http://youtu.be/UqN7BO6ymLU 

Just on Sunday we had a glimpse of what we are going to see in the music video, with two photos published on German magazine Der Spiegel, and for what I have seen in this teaser I can say it reminds me a lot of Schrei, I mean the concept is similar and it's like the guys wanna say: "We are always Tokio Hotel", "This is us", "It's a come back to origins" in some ways.

Check out the teaser below:



From today Love Who Loves You Back is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for digital download.

[Click HERE for more info]

I advice you to get it and also listening on Spotify. For a while all the listenings on digital platforms, as Spotify, are counted in the selling charts.



Do you like this song?

What do you think about the teaser?


And if you didn't pre-order your King Of Suburbia copy on iTunes, do it now!


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Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 07] ’Behind The Scenes Of Girl Got A Gun‘

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 24, 2014

It's Wednesday, we are in the middle of the week and we can't miss our usual appointment with Tokio Hotel TV.

As previously showed on Monday, in this episode we jump into Kris Moyes' visionary world and check out the making of "Girl Got A Gun" music video which divided the world. Who loves it and who doesn't, but once is sure: Tokio Hotel don't care! They do it what they want and what they love to do, they love expressing theirselves in a different way and last but definitely not least it's just a promotional single ;)

Meet Sissy, Kissy, Missy and found out who's inside TOKO in this exclusive 7th episode!


Tokio Hotel tweeted:

"Wanna know what happend behind the scenes during the #GGAG video shoot! Find out in TH TV episode 7.... http://youtu.be/nKarlnxlzY0 "



Don't miss the next episode, airing on October 1st in which we are going to discover the making of "Love Who Loves You Back" the official lead single of Kings Of Suburbia!


And if you didn't pre-order your King Of Suburbia copy on iTunes, do it now!


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Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 23, 2014

Tokio Hotel is back with another exclusive JoJoWright.com interview!

The band just released another song from their album, titled “Girl Got A Gun.” They sat down to talk about the song a little bit and the music video they shot for it.

You can click here to purchase “Girl Got A Gun” right now!


Their new album, Kings of Suburbia, will be out on October 3!

Check out our interview below!

What do you think about "Girl Got A Gun"?

EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel 'Girl Got A Gun' Music Video Premiere

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 23, 2014

Ok guys, we have waited a little bit longer but it worthed it and also it's been such a challenge to calm down after have watched Tokio Hotel's new music video because it's 


Before to be completely addicted to this song and this music video, directed by Kris Moyes, meet Sissy, Kissy and Missy and...... TOKO XD

And we have also a Tom with cap and bandana on a motorbike and a super sexy bare-breasted Bill with a sadomasochist mask.

Boy better run run run, boy better run run

Girl got a gun, gun 

Girl got a gun, gun

Girl got a gun



Girl Got A Gun music video premiere:

Tokio Hotel - Girl Got a Gun from Kris Moyes on Vimeo.


The music video is available also on Tokio Hotel's VEVO channel but it's censored (I don't know why this is censored and other music videos more explicit aren't, but ok...)

What do you think about this music video?

Do you like the song?


Don't miss the behind the scenes of Girl Got A Gun, tomorrow on Tokio Hotel TV

Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 07] Teaser ’Behind the Scenes of Girl Got A Gun‘

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 22, 2014

Hello, hello, hello.

Happy Monday, Buzzneters.

It's time to check the teaser of the new Tokio Hotel TV episode. 

Discover how Tom should be appeared in the music video of Girl Got A Gun and don't miss the premiere of tomorrow:

Exclusive TH TV trailer: Behind The Scenes of Girl Got A Gun #TokioHotelTV#GGAGhttp://youtu.be/Bw7v1kIs8cs 

This music video will be EPIC, FUNNY and COOL.

I feel it!



Two hours ago, Tokio Hotel tweeted:

Less than 24 hours left!! #GGAG#Videopremiere > Download the full track on iTunes: http://po.st/ituneskings 

+ this new Tom photo from GGAG set:


Don’t forget to watch the whole episode on Wednesday, September 24.


And if you didn't pre-order your King Of Suburbia copy on iTunes, do it now!


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EXCLUSIVE: Tokio Hotel For 'Der Spiegel' Magazine + Never Before Seen Photos

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 21, 2014

Tokio Hotel already anticipated few days back, the band is staring the promotion for their upcoming album "Kings of Suburbia" out in Germany on October 3rd and worldwide on October 6/7.

The guys are back and better than ever.

After a glimpse of the new work, with "Run, Run, Run" (that reached 1 million of views on YT) and on Tuesday we're gonna see and listen to another song: "Girl Got A Gun" (already available on iTunes for the download) we now have the confirm that the official lead single to open KoS era will be "Love Who Loves You Back" and just on the new "Der Spiegel" magazine issue we have a sneak peek of what we're going to see in the music video:

Sonja Hartwig interviewed the band on the German magazine that will be out tomorrow, September 22 (I really hope to bring a copy)

Check out the other beautiful shoots for the issue and read the translation of the article below ;) 

English Translation!
Spiegel #39/2014 [Germany] "Kiss Me"

They were teen stars from a village near Magdeburg. As megastars they fled to LA. And today?

Bill kisses. Easy to say, but the action itself is difficult. “I’ve never kissed someone on camera before”, says Bill, “I’m shy.”

The first scene while filming in LA for the video of the new single of Tokio Hotel: Bill Kaulitz sits in the middle of the couch, on his right a brunette, on his left a blonde, behind him a redhead and around that young, good looking, half naked people, close together, kissing.

Second scene: Bill joins the gang, imposes himself inbetween two women who are making out, takes one; around them young, good looking, half naked people, close together, all kissing.

Third scene: the same.

In the fourth scene Bill sits on a directors chair and explains how awkward the start was and he tells about this shock: he immediately got a kiss with a lot of tongue and got a bit tongue-raped. Now he’s used to it though: “No holding back anymore.”.

Bill wears pants and suspenders, his upperbody is naked. He stands in front of an old hotel pool, without water, the stones are crumbling, the paint is coming off, once the olympic games were held here, 1932. Now, for the fourth scene, the good looking, half naked women have gathered at te bottom of the pool, close together, Bill looks at it and says: a bit more skin would’ve been better, you’ll have to see some breasts.

“Love Who Loves You Back” is the name of the song, which this video belongs to, and “Love Who Loves You Back” is the video with which they show they’re still around. Next week their new album “Kings of Suburbia” gets released.

They’re now, being mid-twenties, basically veterans. The press announcement of the record label makes Tokio Hotel out to be brave heroes, that know very well that people in this business can’t just disappear for 5 months, let alone 5 years. For Tokio Hotel other rules apply. They already took over the world once. Now they’ll try again. With music, thats 100% Tokio Hotel, most of it is even produced by them.

What’s clear so far: Tokio Hotel doesn’t sound like Tokio Hotel. Tokio Hotel has always been German Poprock, now it’s mostly just pop, only in English, one ballad, Tom on the piano and Bill with an unusual high voice.

Besides that it’s more electronic, perfectly styled, international club culture.

This song, “Love Who Loves You Back”, Bill says during a break while filming, doesn’t take love too seriously: “Sometimes you have to take what you need, it’s not always about true love. No one likes to be alone: Just take someone who loves you back. Nevertheless, I believe in true love!”

Tokio Hotel are Germans big stars. They sold seven million albums worldwide, in 68 countries they got Platinum, there were 500.000 people at their concert by the Eiffeltower in 2007. It’s not that they’re being hated on in Germany, but it does seem as they’re being hated just as much as they’re loved. 4 years ago Bill and his twinbrother Tom moved to Los Angeles. “Run away,” Bill calls it, “We simply ran away.” They lived in a villa in Hamburg back then, a “beautiful prison”. 24 hours security, fences you couldn’t see through, people standing in front of the door. When they went out they mostly sat behind a barrier, “like in a zoo”, surrounded by people, who looked and took photos. They came back home for their birthday, the 21st : Their underwear was rummaged through, photos were looked through. “I felt violated”, Bill says. “The house was so unfamiliar to me, I even ashed on the floor,” Says Tom. After the burglary they didn’t sleep a night in their villa, for four weeks they stayed at Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, they flew to LA with a private jet.

They wanted a break, away from the media. Reporters write about Bill: “His cheeks are sunken, Gold Jewelery hangs around his neck. His tattoed spider-arms are sticking from his leder jacket, he wears his cap deep over his pierced face.” And: “Tom barely smiles happily in his baggy clothes – and has clearly more muscles.”

It’s always been about looks, no article about Tokio Hotel without it. “Aliens”, “Ousiders”, “Androgynous”, “Mangas”. And always: Is Bill gay already? Anorexic? Often looks make a star a superstar. Lady Gaga and Madonna look neat on their childhood photos, wearing a headband and a sweet, innoncent look. Later they turned into art people. That wan’t the case with Tokio Hotel. They already looked like stars, living in Loitsche, with 700 residents, near Magdeburg.

When he was 9 years old, Bill dyed his hair and wore black eye make-up, Tom had dreadlocks, classmates turned their heads, teachers scolded: that’s not the way you come to school. It would’ve been more difficult if people didn’t talk about them, says Bill a few years ago in a documentary.

In primary school the brothers write their first songs, perform at village festivals, called themselves Black Question Mark. Then Gustav came along, the drummer, and Georg, the bassist. They called themselves Devilish. A local newspaper praised their devilish good gitarsounds. Bill tried at the castingshow “Star Search”, didn’t make it far, but a producer paid them a visit when they were performing in Gröninger Bad. Two years later they sign a record deal at Universal, Bravo makes them big, New York Times writes about them. Their first single is called “Durch Den Monsun”. Starting off with success in Europe, then North-America. First they get compared to Nena, then the Beatles. They win award after award, and if they cheer they say “On me,” as you can still see today on their Youtube channel.

When he’s 18 Bill doesn’t know anymore how it works in a supermarket, as you can see in a video. He went their during a trip to America with his team and they filmed how he walked through the aisles, looking for toilet paper and toilet blocks, bought sweets and couldn’t figure out how to scan the groceries yourself at the checkout. “Hey people, thats revolutonary! No casier, that gets in your business? How cool is that!”

As teens they became stars, but they weren’t typical teenstars. They were little puppets, not like Britney Spears that shaved her head off to show: I’m independent! They had their own sound. Their image, their lyrics: always rebelious – we’re breaking free. Clear profile (outsiders), clear fanbase (only kids like pop), clear massage (be yourself, live every second, live your dream) – Billion success.

And now, how have they developed, so far away from Germany? Did they grow up? Two days after filming the video they give an interview, the first time in a while with all four of them. Meeting point: SoHo House, a exclusive club at Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood. Bill and Tom are members of all SoHo Houses, worldwide, costs a year: 1400 dollar. For people older than 27: 2800 dollar.

“I like clubs with memberships a lot, you’re not getting interrupted there,” Tom says.

“I like that you’re not allowed to take photo’s here: You drive into the underground parking lot, go upstairs and you don’t have to walk on the street. You’re well entertained here,” Bill says.

That it all starts again with Tokio Hotel is awesome, says Gustav. It feels as yesterday was the last time, says Georg. They drink ice tea.

The looks, you can’t avoid it, still noticeable. Georg (black pants, white shirt), Gustav (jeans shorts), Tom (baggy jeans, white sweatshirt), Bill (completely in beige: plateau shoes, fold pants, see through shirt and suspenders).

Tom and Bill speak mostly as the words come, somewhere in between Tom does his speech, a bit immature, the others laugh: “If I could, I could think of something else thats creative: Pornstar, where you can paint, though with a different ‘brush’.”

When they fled to LA, they couldn’t hear the name Tokio Hotel anymore. “We lost the fun, we were so drained, we didn’t had anything to tell anymore. I knew, if we don’t take action, the next album will be shit.”

Would the band be over then?

“I think it would’ve gone bad. I don’t want an album that’s just ‘ok’. Better take a break and then something awesome. Most people discourage it, saying it’s career suicide. We didn’t care.”

They just wanted to live: Decorated their house, bought pans, filled their fridge, went to the beach, walked their dog, got coffee at Starbucks, went to the cinema. In Germany the cinema worked as well, Bill exlains: “I called my assistents, they called the security and then it was planned. When we wanted to see a movie, we had to rent the cinema. The smallest things turned into the biggest hassle.”

For their 20th birthday they rented the Heide Park in Soltau and drove with the car from rollercoaster to rollercoaster. Now for their 25th birthday, begin september, they went 1.5 days with friends to Palm Springs: Bill found the hotel online, 5 stars, spa and booked it in his name.

This ‘new life’ was also weird: When Bill needed a Social Security Number there was a long line at the government. “Do I have to wait with everyone else now? Can’t I let my assistant do it?”

They first got some connections, said Tom. They have acquaintances now who they go out with at night, have a drink, they didn’t have that before.

Around people it’s a bit awkward though, says Tom. He and Bill simply couldn’t have small talk. They never learned that, cause of always being protected. When new people come up to them they’re just staying there, saying nothing. “And what do you do?” – “Music.” And the rest they have to guess, says Bill. “Everyone thinks we’re super weird.”

In this ‘new life’ they finally find music. It’s not the music of a German band that moved to LA anymore. It’s the music of musicians that live in LA. The inspiration was the night life, says Bill, life overall, freedom, what’s important and has a meaning and what not, the feeling: “we’re doing what we want to.”

They party a lot, maybe too much, cause they finally can for the first time. “No one recognized me,” Says Bill. “I could go to clubs and get lose, get hammered, without fear that someone took photos.”

Their studio sessions were half parties: A house in Hollywood Hills, that’s where they partied and makde some music, often exhausted, sometimes drunk, till the sun comes up.”

As free as in LA, he never felt before, says Bill: “This is the max, even more free is barely possible, only when I go to India.” Tom: “Yes, we still wanna do that.” Bil: “Just with a backpack.” Tom: “I would sell everything I own beforehand.” Bill: “That would be a true adventure.” Tom: “That will be something completely different, something I’ve never experienced before. I also don’t wanna have too much money with me, I know myself, I’ll book a hotel and miss out on the actual experience.”

But there’s no real plan to do so yet. Begin Oktober they go back to Germany for a performance at “Wetten, dass…?”. The Question is, what do they still want there.

[thanks: th-tv.tumblr.com]


If you can't get a physical copy of the magazine you can download the pdf file: HERE



Check out an exclusive preview of Kos booklet shared by the band on their Facebook


New Album On The Work For Christina Aguilera?

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 20, 2014

Is Christina Aguilera ready for a come back with her new album?

It was recently reported by That Grape Juice, producers are looking for song for Christina! According to the ad, it says:

Looking for hip hop inspired songs for next LP. In the same vein as Back To Basics LP with DJ Premier:

Aint No Other Man: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=8x7Ta89QLo4
Website: http://www.christinaaguilera.com

Music Gorilla will be screening this opportunity.


That would be great if Xtina confirm it herself! We want some closure! 


Are you excited to listen a new Christina's album?

What's your her favorite one?


Mine is Stripped. But I also love Bionic and Lotus ;)


Source: xtina-web.com


Follow @BritXtinaLovers on Twitter for more updates ;)

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alessandra amoroso, anastacia, annie lennox, apocalyptica, ariana grande, biagio antonacci, bon jovi, britney spears, carly rose sonenclar, cassandra steen, celine dion, christina aguilera, david bowie, delain, dido, dolcenera, dr.dre, e nomine, eklipse, eluveitie, eminem, emma, enigma, enya, epica, era, evanescence, fatun, faun, fifth harmony, gemelli diversi, giorgia, goo goo dolls, gregorian, guano apes, gwen stefani, hoobastank, iggy pop, indica, jennifer lopez, jennifer love hewitt, jessie j, journey, justin timberlake, keri hilson, kosheen, linkin park, lucya russo, lyric 145, mandy moore, mater dea, michael jackson, mike & the mechanics, missy elliott, modà, monrose, moya brennan, nena, nicki minaj, nightwish, nine inch nails, nsync, obscura, one republic, outkast, p!nk, paige thomas, pain, panik, paolo meneguzzi, phil collins, queen, rammstein, red hot chili peppers, rolling stones, samy deluxe, sarah mckennit, sex pistols, silbermond, sirenia, snoop dogg, sonata arctica, sting, t.A.t.U., tarja, tate stevens, the banshee, the police, timbaland, tiziano ferro, tokio hotel, train, van canto, van halen, vangelis, victoria justice, vino alan, within temptation

Favorite Movies:

13 going 30, A Time For Dancing, A walk to remember, Arthur und die minimoys, Avatar, Black Swan, City of Angels, Crossroads, Labyrinth, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Requiem For A Dream, Saw, Seven Pounds, Speak, Step Up, The Crow, The Exorcist, The Hangover, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Wrestler, Titanic, Winters Tale

Favorite TV Shows:

Alias, Beverly Hills 90210, Brothers&Sisters, Charmed, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Everwood, Games Of Thrones, Ghost Whisperer, Glee, Lost, Medium, Once Upon A Time, Person Of Interest, Sherlock, Six Feet Under, Teen Wolf, The Nanny, The Vampire Diaries, Veronica Mars, Victorious, Zoey 101

Favorite Books:

A Mothers Gift, Arthur und die Minimoys, Bowie: The Berliner Trilogy, Dexter, Harry Potter, Heart to Heart, Speak, The Fault In Our Stars, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, The Vampire Diaries, Winters Tale