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Traineeship Day 4: Talking About Music & Low

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Oct 21, 2014

Today was a little bit different from the first three but at the same time interesting, inspiring and useful.

I called my tutor around midday for asking him if he was going at the school of music, and he said me he did but for a couple of hours, so I took the advantage to bring my thesis and ask him some help, or at least a confirm on what I wrote about the analysis part. For who doesn't know I'm writing my graduation thesis on David Bowie's Berlin Trilogy (Low, "HEROES" and Lodger album). I asked my tutor if he could say me something more, if there is, about what I wrote for the tracks analysis. 

For now we only reviewed Low album and he said me some things more, just as information, and confirmed what I wrote, I'm satisfied of what I wrote and I thanked him for that and he thanked me back. I'm so happy to "work" with him and being able to talk about some stuff and extend my knowledge. 

We had a very interesting talk about music, opened mind people, the general public who likes or don't like an album, and a lot of other things. We were agreed on everything and I really appreciated that. 

I really hope tomorrow to continue to have this review with him, if there's anything else to do, as I said in the previous journal, this period is a bit quiet, on Friday there will be a lot to do though :) 

Traineeship Day 3: Burning Irish CD & Discovering A New Musician

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Oct 21, 2014

Yesterday I had my third day of internship.

It's a quiet period so into the school of music, at least about recording studio, there's not a lot of work at the moment but there's always something to do.

For example, yesterday the violinist of my day 1 had to listen again few parts of the song he recorded on Thursday, because he was sick and didn't hear very well, so the little errors were deleted and then the work was completed so my tutor burned a CD for him and his partner. There are some unreleased tracks and few covers, like the one I listened. They are really really great. I'm in love with Irish music, I know I'm boring but I can't say something different :)

Then my tutor needed an account Skype since he's going to have a videochat with an Austriac guy but we had some problems since the pc didn't recognize the webcam on Skype, but if you had to use it outside Skype it works, so we changed the pc (helped also by the son of the managing director of the school) but we hadn't the password for entering as administrator, so we couldn't do nothing.

In the late afternoon I had the pleasure to discover a new musician, Eddie, and if you wanna listen to his music, click HERE

He's really great and also funny, always joking, but really serious when he has to work, some of his songs caught my attention. He also tried a new guitar pedalboard he got and it already sounded cool.

And I also knew my philosophy teacher during my high school years joined Eddie's last project playing organ. I knew he used to play the piano but it's freaking weird how little is the world sometimes and how some paths come back to cross during the years ;) 

Traineeship Day 2: Celtic Vocal Recordings

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Oct 18, 2014

Yesterday I had my second day of internship.

I was so tired when I come back home that I hadn't enough strength for opening the pc and write what happened, so I do it now :)

I arrived at 11am and for the next seven hours I had the pleasure to assist to vocal recordings for two songs of a Celtic music group of my city. It was amazing because as I previously said I love this world and this genre so it was another amazing day.

I joined during this phase also with my opinions for choosing the best parts of each take for then put them together. 

We didn't edited so much, just set up the two tracks, next Friday there will be another session for chorus and second vocals. 

The atmosphere was once again really really comfortable and the hours literally flew away!

The best part was when one of the guy had to record a pig call since one of the song talks about a pig and his point of view of the life because he's going to be killed and eat by a man. It was really really funny, that guy really knew how to do a pig call, it seems so real hahaha Such a weird experience hahah 

It could seem I didn't do so much but for me being part of this kind of process means a lot, to be able to say my opinions, sharing my thoughts, help in someway my tutor and also who's there for creating an album, is really really important and intersting, beside that I observe what my tutor does and try to assimilate as much as I can with my eyes.

In the weekend I'm in pause so I can relax and also continue my graduation thesis, I already wrote half and I hope to start to send few parts to my teacher soon so he can read and correct them.

Traineeship Day 1: Irish Music, Cables And Microphones

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Oct 16, 2014

[Source: instagram.com/billkaulitz]


Hello my dear Buzzneters,

I thought to start a little journal project about my traineeship in the hope you like it and since Buzznet for me is also a sort of diary, this is the perfect way to use it ;) 

So... First of all I wanna say that I don't know if I will able to shoot photos during my internship also because during recording session is forbidden to turn on the cellphone because of noise interferences, I'll try my best to shot some in other moments, if I have time, for now I'm gonna use a photo for representing my day, in this case I picked this one from Bill Kaulitz Instagram with four of his microphones.

By the way, today was my first day and I was excited and anxious at the same time. 

Excited because is what I wanted to do, anxious because the confirm by Uni wasn't arrived yet, so I was a bit (a lot) worried. Luckily once I arrived at the music school I got the call from the person in charge to traineeships and she said me to start it, there weren't few problems about the office, she was alone and so she was sending only in that moment e-mail confirmations. 

Thanks God! After have removed this huge weight from my body, I couldn't start without worries :)

There was a duo which played Irish music, I always loved this kind of music, you already know how I like to attend Triskell festival here in my city every beginning of Summer (unluckily this year I couldn't be there for a lot of reasons) so as day one was the perfect way to start :) The woman played harp while the man played the violin. 

The melody was amazing and I really really appreciated to listen to them. 

My tutor recorded them and then edited few parts, it's useless saying he's a pro, I really hope to be able to do what he does too ASAP, I wanna learn and to feel comfortable in what it's my wish since the last five years. 

After a little break for lunch, I helped him to take off cables from the recording studio and he taught me how to roll them up in the perfect way and don't ruin them. For to be the first time it wasn't so bad hahah 

I spent the last two hours to increase my knowing about pre-production phase that I already studied during my course of musical production, but I have to say in only two hours my tutor told me more about microphones, their parts, the diffrent types and how to use them than what my teacher did. I understood some things I didn't understand when I followed the course and I learned a lot of info more. I'm really happy about, I hope tomorrow he finishes to explain me the other part about microphones. I had the pleasure to see two RCA condenser microphones from 40s, so precious and fine like the one below:

The atmosphere is really homie, I'm loving everything and it's gonna be a great experience. Everyone is really really nice and friendly. 

Tomorrow, for what I know, there will be some voices to record... I'm going to discover the rest once there, and I can't wait ;)

Tokio Hotel In France For Kings Of Suburbia Album Promotion

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Oct 10, 2014

Tokio Hotel in the last two days were in Paris (France) for promoting their new album Kings Of Suburbia: they were special guests in some radio and talk shows, they performed on Love Who Loves You Back, meet fans during signing session and also outside the locations and the hotel, replied to some answers via Twitcam and interviews. 

Let's see what happened ;)

On Wednesday, October 8th, Tokio Hotel greeted fans were waiting outside the hotel, signing some autographs and shot few pics, they did the same outside NRJ Radio station.

Videos: #1 || #2



They had an exclusive acoustic performance on NRJ radio performing Love Who Loves You Back, a showcase + press conference and a Twitcam with fans replying to some questions.


On Thursday, October 9, once again Tokio Hotel signed some autographs to fans outside the hotel and posed with them too.



The band then moved to the signing session at FNAC


VIDEOS #1 || #2 || #3


And also performed Love Who Loves You Back at "C'a vous" talkshow after have a little interview:

Tokio Hotel also posed for Le Parisien newspaper:

Thanks so much to tokiohotelinfo.blogspot.it for the videos links
and tokiohotelcz.sosugary.com for the photos links


For the moment the album promotion in Europe is over.

They are planning to do a promotion in South America on November and then starting the tournee next Spring.


Do you like Love Who Loves You Back in acoustic version?

Tokio Hotel TV 2014 [EP 09] ’Pflaumensaft‘

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Oct 08, 2014

Hello my dear Buzzneters,

here we are with a new Tokio Hotel TV episode as usual ;)

I have a bad news, unfortunately this will be the last episode for a while, I really hope TH TV comes back soon with brand new episodes, I'm gonna miss to see my four crazy boys every Wednesday with a new behind the scenes video but luckily I could check all the episodes when I want, watching them over and over again and I hope you will do the same ;)

This episode is definitely my favorite so far with the previous one, they are the funniest ever. I laughed a lot until tears, they are soooo crazy and their jokes are out of this world HAHAHA they are the reasons why my days are brighter :)

For this occasion I'd like to share with you also some GIFs of this episode, the most epic moments, or at least few of them!

In this seven minutes you are gonna see Bill singing on Spice Girls' Wannabe and playing the usual melody at the piano he knows since 2007, Gustav going nast slapping Tom's ass, Georg's name forgot by everyone, Tom's explaination on his fast driving and an exclusive part dedicated to JoJo Wright interview series all to laugh!

Check it out below:

Oh and for who's asking what Pflaumensaft means... it's plum juice ;)

Thanks so much for all your comments and buzzes, thanks Buzznet for all the shares on the community and on Twitter.

I really hope TH TV will come back soon ;)




If you didn't check my Tokio Hotel's Kings Of Suburbia album review, click HERE 

Mimi K's Album Review: Tokio Hotel's Kings Of Suburbia

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Oct 07, 2014

Hello my dear Buzzneters,

here I am with my review on Tokio Hotel's new album Kings Of Suburbia that I'm listening to Spotify since yesterday morning, no-stop, meanwhile I wait for my limited special edition copy (I'm so excited!!!).

First of all I wanna say this album is really a GREAT album and I don't say it only because I love Tokio Hotel since 2007 but because it's a fact. 

In these five years of silence, talking about an album of unreleased (Tokio Hotel Best Of came out in the end of 2010, they toured in Russia and Japan in 2011, Bill collaborated with Far East Movement on If I Die Tomorrow song and recently the band joined I Am song project with Wyclef Jean, David Correy and Rock Mafia) Tokio Hotel experimented new sounds, thanks also to Bill and Tom moving in LA, where the dj scene is full of inspirations for new artist and no, but there's a lot of European contamination too, I'd like to remember the electronic music was born in Europe, a look to the past, to the 80s/90s bands and disco hit.

The band grown up, and in this new album you do a literally travel into a world you always dreamed of: you dance, you sing louder, you cry and move, it's full of great songs for tons of occasions: you can think about themes for a movie or a song as background for a tv commercial. 

Listen to Kings Of Suburbia with me and take a look on my little analysis track by track, I won't to tell you a lot about them since it's a pleasure to discover them on your own and to create your own world:

Feel It All

This is the perfect opening track with a slow intro followed by the drum beating the time, it's a crescendo for this midtempo song, it seems like everything is floating since the refrain part in which the song explodes accompained by Bill's voice that pimps the track and you can only start to dance and let you go. Tokio Hotel said it's their favorite after hour song beside to be Gustav fav at the moment.

Turn your speakers up!


Stormy Weather

Personally, one of my fav songs of the album, one of Tokio Hotel best ones and in general one of the best I've ever listened to in the last couple of years. After a midtempo, a powerful track like Stormy Weather was the perfect choice. The beat is catchy and is a dance only to listen to it, Bill's voice moves from sexy whispering to a loud scream. This is the typical song you can't get enough and you want to listen to it again and again, it could be a great radio hit.


Run, Run, Run

First song Tokio Hotel shared to their fans, picked as first promotional single with a black and white music video, Run Run Run is deep and mature, is also the first of the two ballads included into Kings Of Suburbia and it shows how new sonorities helped the band to compose a track like that. Tom, once again, at the piano, proves to be a great instrumentalist. Bill's voice is unique and full of sentiment, giving us some falsetto parts to thrill.

Tokio Hotel said it was a special song to sing in the studio.


Love Who Loves You Back

Left apart the hankies, let's go with the lead single of the album: a catchy uptempo song which reminds of 80s/90s disco hits, don't you thought about Pet Shop Boys when you first heard it? Yeah, me too! It's going to become a radio hit in the next weeks, request it on your radio stations ;) 


What about the music video: I have few different meanings about: one can be that life can offer you a lot, especially if you are in the music/cinema business, you can fall in bad and good situations, meet people but in the end you are STILL alone, we have seen how too many celebs passed away alone because of depression and drugs abuse; but after the first time I saw this video I thought it could be just a dream, an imagination, a fantasy, that you discover only in the end when Bill remains alone; and finally the fact he's still searching for the true love ;)

Currently is Georg's fav.


Covered In Gold

Tokio Hotel revealed it was the most difficult song to play/sing and well, it really is! With this electronic piano that ticking the time all along the song, and a particular line, this song could be another really good radio hit. It's all to dance until the bridge where you have a little pause before to come back to explode. 


Girl Got A Gun

In my opinion this is the most catchy song of the album, every time I listen to it charges me up, A LOT and it makes me a huge smile of my face. It's Tom's fav at the moment and the band told it was really fun to write. 

It's another great experiment for Tokio Hotel, a completely different sound, the bridge part is the higher point of the song and you can listen how much they worked on the music side, probably more than ever, with synths and treatments, they did such an amazing work.

Picked as second promotional single and premiered with a video out of this world that it was censored by VEVO and criticized by media and fans, it has a meaning, check HERE video director words on GGAG. 



Kings Of Suburbia

Title track of the album is such a hymn. I'm already figuring out how it will be listening to it live in concert, oh God, I have the chills!!! It's an iconic track and I really hope they are going to release it as second single because it's worth it. 

What could I say more? I don't have the right words for to do it! The lyrics are deep with a great meaning, talks about freedom and love, in the bridge part there's a beautiful Bill's speech, a sort of prayer to God which he previously shared with fans via BTK App while ago but noone could imagine to be part of a new song. 

Since the first seconds this song comes into your heart and soul and you have only to sing it with all the air you have in chest for feeling you free.


We Found Us

Currently Bill's fav song, We Found Us talks about love in all its forms, doesn't care the gender, the love is love. In some way it reminds of Menschen Suchen Menschen / Human Connect To Human song includes into Humanoid album with a similar meaning. In the beginning it could be linked to Scream And Shout by will.i.am and Britney Spears, the beat is a kind of but it also makes you think once again to the old disco club, with all synths and beats pimping into the speakers, it's a particular midtempo perfect for dancing inside clubs and maybe you could find love there ;)



Second and last ballad of the album, it's such a hit to the heart, so touching and your tears will come out in an instant. It talks about how love can give you all but once is finished it leaves a hole inside and at the same time these two people will always linked and a part of them belong to the other forever. Once again, Tokio Hotel reaches the aim in fact of ballads and Invaded is included in their best ones ever. 

Honestly I didn't expect this song to be a ballad.


Never Let You Down

This track appeared in few TH TV episodes at least in few samples ("I promise you, I'll be another man. Again") but once again, I didn't expect this sound! It's another catchy song, all to dancing on, with Bill casts his voice into sounds effects and loud singings. 

Great experiment for Tokio Hotel new sound which brings some from dj set area and house music.


Louder Than Love

I was really curious to listen to this song, since I picked it as I did for Fur Immer Jetzt back in time, only by the title and I have to say that once again my instinct didn't fail and the lyrics talk about me. I feel really linked to this song. 

It ends as it starts, with an advice, a beautiful advice and Bill's voice rends everything more beautiful and possible. The song is full of hope, to don't give up, because nothing is louder than love, if you believe you can get what you want. 

It's another hymn, once again we find chorus that give a charge more to the song.




First bonus track included into the deluxe version and God, such a hit!

Immediately we are surrounded by this futuristic beat and Bill's soft voice in one of their best songs ever and it's such a shame is only a bonus track, in the hope they pick it as they did for Screamin' and give it a place into the tournee setlist. 

The lyrics talk about to change who we are, especially our life because: "You don't know what life is until you die for it".


Dancing In The Dark

Once again Tokio Hotel pick awesome bonus tracks, as they wanted to reserve the best in this part of the album.

This song talks about the research of yourself after a finished love and for this reason you try to cure your heart dancing in the dark in the hope you can see your soulmate just for once but it's hard dancing in the dark if "they're playing our song".

The whole track is like a run towards the healing.


The Heart Get No Sleep


"Do you know the feeling when your body wants to sleep but your heart can't?!" with these words Tokio Hotel described the song and once again it talks about love but it doesn't sound a happy love as expressed in the first verses: "You said it's okay, I said I'm happy. Can you love me like you loved me? Just one more time"and we could link it to Automatic in some way. 

Probably it's one of the most particular song they did, especially about the sonorities and I link it to a tv commercial or a tv promo for a show or something, I don't know why I have this vision in my mind but The Heart Get No Sleep is really catchy.


Great Day

It's the perfect song for closing the album and if they are going to pick it as ending song in their tournee I'm gonna cry all my tears out and bury myself inside the arena, because seriously it's AWESOME. It's not a ballad but a midtempo and it's probably the song who reminds more their past songs but is touching as much as a ballad does.

Love and still love, a love that is over but Bill reassures: "It's a great day To say goodbye It's ok 'cause I'll be alright"



What do you think about Kings Of Suburbia?

What's your favorite song? What's the one do you reflect the most?


Let me know everything in the comments below, I'm curious ;)

Tokio Hotel Listening Session On Spotify Soundrop

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Oct 07, 2014

Yesterday evening at 8pm (German time), Tokio Hotel had an exclusive listening session with fans of their new album Kings Of Suburbia and for the occasion they answered to a couple of questions about their new songs, fav stuff, promotion and next tournee.

Check below the list of their replies:


  • "We found us" - Bill's favourite song of the album.
  • Tom - My favourite is GGAG
  • Georg - I'm currently into LWLYB
  • "Great Day" is one of the last songs we've wrote for the album. can't wait to play it live
  • We would love to come to Italy but the record company just cancelled the trip...

[about this point I have to say to be really really disappointed with Universal Italy, since Bill during Berlin press conference on October 2nd said they were going to come in Italy for promotion after France, the rumor floated around the web for days and everyone asked for some explaination about their Italian appearance didn't received a reply. Now Italian Team and UMI spoke about saying Tokio Hotel never detailed it was about Italian record company and it wasn't nothing planned about but I know that some lucky fans won a special listening of the album at Universal Music Italy in Milan on October 3rd, the day of German release, UMI told them to don't say to the other fans there will not be any Italian promotion from Tokio Hotel but the fans said it as well but nobody believed it. How can it be possible that in just 24h or less they have cancelled a promotional trip? Probably we will never have an answer... That's only my opinion and I hope they will come in Italy ASAP]

  • your support is amazing and we are overwhelmed!
  • Gustav - my fave is FIA
  • Do you know the feeling when your body wants to sleep but your heart can't?!
  • Pumba is enyoing the Soundrop
  • @ Carla - Buddy is fine miss him so much
  • @ Joselyn Latin America shows is a YES
  • We are putting together first live dates for next year as we are talking
  • @ Tina the album art is featuring a sound wave that's the line we always use
  • Which song would you put out as the next single?
  • @ Valeria def Banana Split
  • This our single "Love Who Loves You Back" - take your clothes of and enjoy the song
  • @ Cloui I love German Riesling
  • @ AAAALLLL make sure to request LWLYB at your local radio station!!
  • @ emmi - Make sure to not miss out on the new season of Homeland
  • We try to come everywhere - we'll keep you posted!
  • This one is "Invaded"
  • One of the two ballades we wrote for this Album
  • @ Nadia - not yet
  • Gustav: Yes I have a dog!
  • @ Julie - There will be VIP packages at our Shows
  • Bill: I'm so exited!
  • @ Meme - Pumba is barking to GGAG !!!
  • Bill: We designed the whole merch personally.
  • GGAG!!!!! Who loves the video as much as I do? Tom
  • Bill: We just don't want to translate anymore. But if I write a song in german it will stay german!
  • Next for you "Feel It All"
  • Turn your speakers up - it's our favourite after hour song ...
  • @ Emma - most difficult song was Covered in Gold
  • Bill: the whole video was just so much fun to make!
  • We might come over to Southamerica in November
  • @ Alexandra - GGAG was a LOT of fun to write, and Run was a really special song to sing in the Studio
  • Tom: For me writing "Covered In Gold" was Special.
  • Great Day represents the end - Bill
  • 5 minutes to go
  • Yes Döner, but we can't have it anymore, cause we don't eat meat - but Gustav does!
  • Final Post!!! coming up
  • Au revoir - bye - adios - ciao - doswidanija - tschüss ...
  • thanks to everyone - we love you guys!


If you missed Tokio Hotel as guests at Circus Halligalli talkshow last night, click HERE

Did you already get your Kings Of Suburbia copy?

Listen to the album on Spotify too:

Tokio Hotel Special Guests At Circus Halligalli Talk Show

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Oct 07, 2014

Tokio Hotel continue their promotional tour for Kings Of Suburbia, so after "Wetten Dass...?" in Erfurt on Saturday and on Radio SAW in Magdeburg on Sunday, they joined Circus Halligalli talk show yesterday night in Berlin for another interview and the performance of Girl Got A Gun.

Check out the video below with interview + Journey To Vulgaria game and Girl Got A Gun performance:

[Thanks once again to TokioHotel-Info for the English translation]

Klaas: Here are Tokio Hotel!
Joko: Nice to have you here. ... Let me hug you.. come here, boy. (to Gustav)
Klaas: And we have on seat left.. Well, first, nice to have you back again, huh. We haven't seen each other in a very long time.
Tom: Yeah, the last time we saw each other we were drunk at the EMA-Aftershow-party.
Joko: *laughs* That may very well be...
Klaas: But that's been also some years ago now.
Tom: Yeah.
Klaas: That was when the EMAs were in Berlin, right?
Tom: Yes, that was here in Berlin.
Klaas: Yes exactly. But you're simply not here anymore. So you still live.. well, we get to see from time to time again now, but your whole stuff is in LA. At least two.
Bill: Yeah..
Tom: Yeah at least two, the others still live in Magdeburg, but that's almost as beautiful as LA.
Bill: Exactly.
Klaas: Yes exactly, that's not especially not comparable at all. How do you make it to get together as one band again, living under those different cultural circumstances and maybe not having seen each other for one year or so and not having that much contact?
Bill: The contracts make it possible.
*they laugh*
Bill: Uhm, nah, in fact both of them sometimes were in LA at our place, and we also were in Germany sometimes, and we also skyped and so on.
Joko: I know that! I also do that sometimes... with my friend Zach Braff.
Bill: Yeah.. and we always kept the contact, and we also were in the studio in Germany actually. and yeah, we were always in an exchange so to say.
Klaas: In a german view one always thinks that you were away for incredibly long, but that's not really true, because you were on tour for a very long time and then you just took time for the album.
Bill: Yeah, the last album was released in 2009, that's a bit of a time ago of course, but we were in South America and were in Japan and so on, and just toured a bit longer with the album.. 
(the subtitle text that is shown says "In France they are called Tokio Otel")

Tom: We toured until 2011, right?
Bill: Yeah, until 2011.
Tom: Even until the end of 2011, that means it didn't even take that long.
Joko: Then for how long didn't you actually do anything?
Tom: Then we made a break for one year and we actually just relaxed, and then we produced the album in a few days.
Klaas: Who can even do that? Being one year in early retirement when you're only mid-20.
(the subtitle-text that is shown says "They're part-time child detectives & solve murder cases on fairgrounds")
Tom: Yeah..
Klaas: How is it like? What do you do the whole day then?
Bill: Nah, we have, we were, we were only on parties and sunbathed, and didn't do anything.
Joko: A jetset-life so to say...
Tom: A jetset-life like you have it as well, only that we didn't have cameras with us.
Klaas: But we work the whole time.
Tom: Yeah...
Joko: We worked permanently since we had last seen each other... that's the difference, and we're ten years older than you.
Klaas: But I imagine it being hard if someone comes and tells you tomorrow at 10 am you have to get up and it seems like in the middle of the night for you.. tomorrow at 10 am you have to be here and there...
Bill: Totally. I have to say we're also so exhausted, I could take another break for four years already.
Klaas: Seriously?
Bill: Yes, totally.
*People laughing*
Bill: Nah, it's exhausting but...
Joko (to Tom): How long have you been working again now?
Tom: Feels like some weeks already.
Joko: Really?
Tom: Totally.
Klaas: That's not that long though of course.. but tell me, you also live together, right?
Bill: Yeah.
Klaas: A real brother-living-community...is that like it used to be back then, just with different circumstances, or... I mean, you've already been living together your whole life.
Tom: Yeah exactly..
Bill: Well, we don't even ask ourselves the question if one day... we'd one day like to have two houses which are connected with a tunnel where we can always go to one another..
Joko: We'd also like to have two houses, but without a tunnel.
*people laughing*
Klaas: How is it, do you have some cleaning roster or how do you arrange that?
Bill: Uhm, nah, actually we both don't do anything... so...
Klaas: You really just only sat on your chairs for years and now you're back again...
Bill: Exactly, yeah..
Joko (to Gustav and Georg): How was it for you.. because you [Bill and Tom] probably flew first to LA and built up a life there, and did they just say "Well, just follow us" or...
Georg: Exactly..
Joko: Isn't it absurd, if the people who you spent your childhood with live there then?
Georg: Nah, it was kinda nice, I didn't have to book a hotel, I could hang out at their place...
Bill: ...they slept in my wardrobe...
Tom: Actually before they came to LA we had rented a smaller house, otherwise they would have noticed that we always took something from the band funds... uhm yeah..
Klaas: But how's it like when of course you're there everyday.. in LA it's very concentrated on music, actors or whatsoever of course, in what extent does one become a part of that scene there, and does what other people might know from the newspapers?
Bill: Well, we didn't want to be a part of any kind of scene, we went there to hide ourselves so to say, that means we were nowhere.. we also didn't do any interviews or were on red carpets or at any events, we just thought there are so many people who want to be famous and they should just do that, but we just disappeared. For us it was just a good city to disappear. It could have also been any other city, we're even not that crazy for LA, well it's quite okay but..
Klaas: In Magdeburg you also just disappear if you want it or not, right?
*people laughing*
Tom: Georg just went on with his life as a VIP in Magdeburg. He enjoyed his VIP life.
Klaas: But how is it like when the first hype is finally over and you're both in Magdeburg, and of course you know friends from school and so on, but what when that machine suddenly stops to work and you do your planned break, do you start to do things again you already did before or how does that work?
Georg: I just did nothing first, to be honest. I went for a walk with my dog...
Tom: You mean when it's starting again or what?
Klaas: No no, I mean that time in between. that you go back to old habits again...like "Well, today I'll go to the city festival.."
Bill: I also always ask you [Gustav and Georg] what you're doing there the whole day..
Joko: *laughs* You sound like their mother! "What are you doing there?"...
(subtitle-text that is shown says "Each of their hair has its own hairdresser")
Bill: No, I have..
Joko: Well, what do YOU do the whole day?
Bill: No, I also asked him, I don't know at all what you do there, because I didn't know at all what to do there..
Georg: ..longing for you...
Tom: Just hanging around at the bus stop and smoking and drinking booze..
Gustav: Well, with that you at least don't attract attention in Magdeburg.. smoking at the bus stop and drinking booze..
Bill: You can't go wrong with that.
Klaas: So you drive with your car, open doors, music on and Burger-King-badge?
*people laughing*
Tom: Yeah.. showing off, three BMW, lowered...
Klaas: Well yeah, why not? The main thing is that you find back together and.. uh.. tell me, you just rightly said that you hid..
Bill: Yeah..
Klaas: That means that in the end you were so fed up that you said "That's becoming too crazy, we have to disappear." How bad was it in the end?
Bill: Uhm, well it was.. we actually only wanted to have a second home somewhere in the sun, but then they broke into our house and that was the last thing.. it was also rather a prison, we had a fence where you couldn't see through and there were always people there and we just couldn't go out there anymore. We just were inside all the time and somewhen they also even broke into our house and after that we searched online for a house in LA and then we just disappeared within four weeks.
(subtitle text that was shown said: "Did an interview-diet for more than one year")
Joko (to Georg and Gustav): But for you it's easy? [concerning their private life]
Georg: It's really more relaxed, you can't compare that.
Klaas (to Gustav): You always have that firm handshake, people don't dare to do such things to you, huh?
Gustav (with puppy eyes): I'm sorry.
Klaas: But you already used to have that [firm handshake] before! You almost broke half my hand then.
Georg: He's compensating something...
Klaas: For example at VIVA Live he almost...
Tom: Small noodle, firm handshake.
*people laughing*
Klaas: So is that an old saw from Magdeburg?
Georg: An ancient wisdom from Magdeburg.
Tom: Yes, a wisdom from Magdeburg.
Joko (to Tom): Have you actually accepted by now that Bill is a bit strange? Because I can remember times in which you always nagged at Bill "He's looking so weird", and so on..
Tom: Bill?
Joko: Yeah.
Bill: That has always been Georg.
Tom: Actually it has always been Georg, yeah.
Joko: Really?
Georg: I always got a good dressing-down.
Klaas: But between you, you sometimes even offended each other in interviews and I remember that sometimes it really came to real fights, and one sat next to you and it was almost a bit awkward..
Bill: Really?
Klaas: Yeah, because you thought "Just stop that already." Is it between brothers that they fight mercilessly, is it still like that? I sometimes was a witness of it..
Tom: Really? Where was that? At VIVA? Probably we frantically tried to get to MTV because all the time we were at VIVA..
Klaas: I had also been there for years..
Tom: Yes exactly... Nah, actually not at all, I mean of course we fight but Bill and me, we lead an identical life. 1 to 1. We know everything of each other. And that's.. we sometimes fight really hard, because of course no one can provoke Bill better than me.
Klaas: Yeah of course
Tom: ..but that's kept within limits actually. Because both of us do the same every day.
Klaas: How is it when you work and when you're on tour and you write a song, you're mentally full in swing, and then you take a holiday for a year, especially in LA which is not really a city full of academics, how did you make it to not go daft in the hot sun?
Tom: We didn't make it.
*people laugh*
Tom: We dropped out of school at the age of 15, and then immediately to LA and now we're completely stupid.
Klaas: Well then. You didn't lose your honesty.
Bill: Well, we still had contact with all the people from Germany the whole time. It wasn't that we didn't see each other for four years and then said "Let's do an album together quickly." We just did nothing for one or 1,5 years. Then Tom and I build a homestudio and started to produce, we actually produced the whole album, Musically we did things for which we hadn't had the time before. We always had studio sessions before where we had to record everything within 2 or 3 weeks. And this time we did it at home. So yeah, and Tom produced and programmed everything, not only guitar, synthesizers, piano and everything..
Klaas: Well, you were really modest, you actually grew up to a, let's say even more adepted musician.
Bill: For us it was really important privately and also musically, we had so much time for the album that we could do way more on our own than we had done before.

Then Tokio Hotel join with the host to "Reise Nach Vulgarien" 

(Explanation: they're playing a game with German "swear words". Someone's saying a (invented) swear word and the next one has to say a new word that starts with the last letter of the previous word.)

Klaas: I'll start with a little test round now, and simply say "jerk". ("Trottel")
Gustav: Lolly. ("Lutscher")
Klaas: Very good. So I see you understood the game (...)

Klaas: And here we go.
Bill: Donkey fucker. ("Eselficker")
Klaas: Yep, that's a veritable swear word. - uhm, uhm, roulade ass! ("Rouladenarsch")
Gustav: .... *says nothing*
Klaas: Aaaah, Gustav.. but that was an "h". I'm sorry, I think you have to get up and stand behind the chair now.
Gustav: I would have almost said "Hublot-wearer" now. ("Hublot-Träger")
Klaas: "Hublot-wearer", oooh, that would have been false.
Joko: Oooh, that statement would have reached us.
Georg: Uhm, "Randfichten-Fan". ("Randfichten" is a band who makes traditional german folk music)
Klaas: Uhm, "Neomagazin"-host. ("Neomagazin-Moderator")
Tom: I always get the "r", that can't be true! I already had anus ("Rosette")... Ass crack fucker! ("Ritzenficker")
Georg: Uuuhm, "bully". ("Rüpel")
Klaas: Oh. Oh, such a subtle mister.
Joko: Leek. ("Lauch")
Bill: Uuuhm, "sky-blue-lover"! ("Himmelblau-Liebhaber") - [it's wrong]
Joko: *laughs* Awww.
Bill: What? Why?!

Klaas: We asked 100 people, that's not an insult. ... Okay, what was it now?
Tom: An "H".
Klaas: An "H". You "Hämpfling".
Joko: Cucumber fucker. ("Gurkenficker")
Tom: ...always "fucker".
Joko: Can we add "fucker" to every word?
Klaas: Well then, radishes fucker. ("Radieschenficker")
Georg: Radish fucker. ("Rettichficker" - seems like Radieschen & Rettich are the same in english)
Joko: Uh, something with "r" for a change!
Tom: Uhm, snout pig. ("Rüsselschwein")
Joko: Umbilical cord wearer. ("Nabelschnurträger")
Klaas: That's babies, that's not an insult! "Umbilical cord wearer"...
Tom: Yeah, that's babies, that's tasteless!
Klaas: A very good insult... Nazi.
Georg: Hedgehog fucker. ("Igelficker")

Klaas: Animals, vegetables...and adding "-fucker" to that.
Joko: ..something with "r"
Tom: Ass crack cunt. ("Ritzenfotze") - [it's wrong] ...What?!
Joko: Maybe because it's the same..
Tom: You meant cunt and cunt is the same..?

Klaas: A so-called tautology.
Georg (murmurs): Ugh, I have no chance.
Klaas: So, "e". ... fleabag. ("Ekelpaket")
Georg: Uhm, tea drinker. ("Teetrinker")
Klaas: Snot slurper. ("Rotzschlürfer")
Bill: "f"!
Georg: What?
Bill: Ah, "RotzschlürfER"! ...
Georg: Uhm...
Bill: Ass crack licker! Man! ("Rillenlecker")
Georg: No, not a clue.

Too bad Georg lost in the end HAHAHA 


Check Tokio Hotel meeting some fans in Berlin last night: HERE

And don't miss my Tokio Hotel's Kings Of Suburbia review later today here on Buzznet



Tokio Hotel Are Back - Spiegel TV Special

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Oct 07, 2014

On Sunday evening, German channel RTL broacast a special of over 10 minutes about Tokio Hotel comeback with an exclusive interview to the band and backstage footages, with also interviews to the fans at the press conference in Berlin last Thursday.

Check the video below with the English translation (thanks to TokioHote-Info):

Woman: The entire world is talking about Tokio Hotel and their "comeback", but the boys themselves see it differently. According to them they never were away, they just took their time for coming back. Four years are between back then and today. The former long-haired-teenies are now wearing beards and a lot of metal in their face. Their new video is about boundless love, in other words tongue kisses and other oral encounters. Not really clean anymore - when teen stars are growing up.

Voice-over: Germany's pop-refugees are back. Friday evening. Rehearsal for Tokio Hotel's first live performance after four years. They chose "Wetten, dass" in Erfurt. Millions of people are going to watch it. Also stars get their nerves.

Bill: I'm always nervous. Well, always. If we're on tour and we have like 35 shows, I'm still nervous until the last show. Well, I think it's just a part of it, but before a show I'm not approachable, I'm super concentrated and totally nervous. I'm glad that I don't have to throw up though, because I know some colleagues who always have to throw up before a show.

Voice -over: In the past it got loud when Tokio Hotel were on tour. Worldwide pubertary teenagers feel into euphoria. In 2005 "Durch den Monsun" catapultated the band to the very top. Puppy charm, misfit-profile, rebel-attitude. A freak-counterdraft to well-behaved boybands with side-parting.

Bill: We look back and we're incredibly thankful and proud, and are happy about all the opportunities we had. No one of us would have ever considered that we'd have that much success, even in foreign countries. It was really surprising for everyone and yeah, I look back to it and I'm so thankful. In my opinion there aren't a lot of negative things.

Voice-over: For days fans had been camping in front of venues to get the best places back then.

Question: Hello, how did you like it?
Fans: *screaming*
Question: Why are you crying now?
Fan: Because Bill looked me in the eyes.
Question: He looked into your eyes?
Fan: *nods* And Georg smiled at me.
Question: For how long?
Fan: Long.
Fan 2: Very long.

Another fan talks about the concert.

Voice-over: Bill, Tom,Georg and Gustav more or less belong to Germany's superstars. 7 Million sold sound carriers, 68 times platinum. When they were teens, they became stars. But they had never been typical teen stars. According to music journalist Tobias Rapp, that's the recipe for their success.

Tobias Rapp: Tokio Hotel is a total exception. A band which is not only successful, but also has the thing which stars, real stars, gotta have. To look crazy, to transport a certain image, which is a fictional image. The reason why Tokio Hotel are, in my opinion, incredibly interesting stars is because they're breaking out of that middle class world, out of the suburbia-hell. They embody the wish to be unpredictable, to be different.

Voice-over: Their comeback is strategically planned. First the release of the new songs, after that the press conference with journalists and selected fans, who are clearly more quiet than in the last years.

Bill: For us it doesn't feel like a comeback to be honest. Because we never were.. Well, of course we didn't make an album for a long time, but we didn't break up or something. We only took some time with the album.

Voice-over: New look, new sound. But topic #1 is Bill's performance in the new video. Tokio Hotel has grown up. Also in the matter of love.

Bill: I think it's beautiful that love actually has no religion and no gender. You can and you should love who you want to love, without it being made a fuss about. And because of that.. there are also some funny moments in the video and because of that we just put the message across. I think you also shouldn't take it too seriously.

Voice-over: Not only Tokio Hotel, also their fans are no teenagers anymore by now. To not lose their fans, the band has to change their profile as well.

Tobias Rapp: Most fans are embarassed to once have loved the favorites of their youth. Most people are embarassed by that. All stars, if that's Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, or even Tokio Hotel, have to somehow find a way how to deal with that. And that's really difficult. And the simplest way to deal with it is sexuality.

Voice-over: After the press it's the fans' turn. Signing session was yesterday. Today only a selfie counts. They [the fans] dreamed about that in the past years of Tokio Hotel's abstinence.

Fan: We somehow felt alone, because well, we grew up with them and suddenly they were gone. We really kinda missed them.

Fan 2: I'm 24 now and I've been a fan since I was 15. I saw them on TV and fell in love immediately.

Fan 3: I moved from Hungary to Berlin and we actually only learned German because of them.
Fan 4: Yes, only because of Tokio Hotel. So that's a big moment for us. We've waited for it for almost 10 years.

Voice-over: No other band strained the vocal chords of fans that much as Tokio Hotel in the past. The envy of other colleagues was kept within a limit though, because almost no other fans were acting so extreme. The musicians from the East of Germany were loved unconditionally, but also hated. Some fans especially followed the Kaulitz twins 24/7. And if they don't get the stars personally, the fans just took pretty souvenirs.

Fan is talking about the waste bin she got from the bus stop in Loitsche, where the twins lived.

Tom: The squealing has never been a problem. It was those really freaked out people, who weren't even fans, they had a love-hate relationship to us and were completely out of control. They didn't only stress us, but also our families and friends. In addition to that there was the pressure of the media. And that's also a point why you can't lead a normal life. when there are always photographers and every newspaper writes about every step you make. It was not about music anymore, and somehow we wanted to get out of that as well.

Voice-over: "Run run run", exactly that's what Bill and Tom did at the end of 2010. With the age of 21 they abscond to LA and into the city's anonymity. They had enough of growing up with the public's eyes staring at them. Georg and Gustav stay home, but they like to come to LA for party.
Shrinking from superstars to ordinary people, living without assistants and with new freedom.

Bill: We first did completely normal things. I first had to get used to opening the door and going out without someone standing there and waiting for me. You could just "swim along" with all those people there without having a VIP-bonus. We didn't even try that and we didn't tell anyone what we're doing, we had simply gone underground.

Voice-over: "Going underground" lasted four years. Now their new album wants to be promoted. Photoshoot yesterday for the woman's magazine "Jolie".

Tom: And? Are you all fit?
Guy: Yeah, Here we are again, good to see you back.
Tom: Yeah, we're also happy about it.
Bill: Pumba... that's Pumba. He's really friendly and he doesn't bite anyone.
Guy: Is Daft Punk okay or do you have another music request?
Bill: Uhm...
Tom: We actually only listen Tokio Hotel music privately. *laughs*

Voice-over: Often the look makes a star become a megastar. Alien, manga, androgynous being - there were a lot of description for the band's frontman. He always occupied center stage - and he missed that though.

Bill: I missed being on stage - to perform, to be on stage, you just miss that. But of course it was also nice to be away from that for a while, so that you can even miss it again. Sometimes it was like that I didn't even know in which city we are or what we have to perform, it didn't matter that much to you anymore.

Voice-over: In the meantime the fans are already waiting outside. It's as if the band was never gone. Also today a real fan has to be very patient.

Fan: We are from Munich, we came here in the night and slept in the car in front of the venue, and we met some people who were driving around and were looking where the band could be, and they called us that they're here.

Fan 2: We've been fans for nine years, we have no photo or autograph so far. We have to get one.

Voice-over: Later they're dream will come true. And then - one hour before the live performance there's this feeling again, which the band just knows too well. That mix of anticipation and anxiety.

Bill: When you see people who are so happy that we're here, when you can read the emotions in the faces, there are so many people who start to cry or actually don't want to cry, it touches me every time. And some waited for nine years and see us for the first time and that's totally cute, and on the other hand it can be too much for you.

Markus Lanz (Wetten dass): Here are Tokio Hotel!

Voice-over: After the performance the boys only celebrate briefly. Because the machine "Tokio Hotel" is working again.

Bill: Now we'll fly...
Tom: We'll make a break now again, we'll fly back to LA and have a 4-year-break.
Bill (completes Tom's sentence): ...and have a 4-year-break.
Bill: Nah, tomorrow it goes on again, we have a full press day, uhm, a live performance, a small mini concert tomorrow, in Magdeburg, our hometown.
Tom: After that we'll drive to Circus Halligalli.
Bill: Afterwards we'll go to Berlin, then we'll have another TV show with a different song, then we'll fly to France, there we'll also be on two TV shows. Then Italy, where we'll also have a TV show. Well... It goes on like that now.

Voice-over: Taking a break is only allowed for dog Pumba.

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