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Somebody Who Follows Her Father's Footsteps & Ice Ice Babyney On The X Factor Episode 5

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 28, 2012

Tonight the fight for $5 million continues...

Providence, RI

LA is on a local radio two hours before the auditions meanwhile we can notice some of the contestants of today as a few groups...

Britney talks with her manager Larry re touching her makeup

It's time to start the show but wait, Simon is always in late!

Hahaha his arrival always is so epic! I love you Simon!


First audition:

Adonis & John, 33 & 32 - group

John before to come on stage eases the tension screaming: This is Sparta!

Ok, man!

On stage they perform on "Hello" by Lionel Richie and... No, definitely not guys!

Oh Lordy, Britney's laugh is priceless! Love you my Goddess!

LA: The good news is that you a day job!

Demi: I've never heard that so good. Peace out, it's a no!

Simon: with this "uh" he murdered the song!

John off on stage says that also Eminem received a lot of "no" before to become a superstar... Ok, John! Don't compare you with a hip hop legend like Eminem, please don't!


Also the next contestants get a great audition

LA: What's going on in this place today?

Britney to a contestant: I think you sound a bit insanely!

LA to another one: You just destroyed that song!


It's such a bad bad day, guys!

"Please, give me a chance" exclaims a contestant.

"This isn't exactly what we're looking for" replies LA and the contestant walks off stage crowling on his knees really really upset and crying too. Oh Lordy!


Play down a bit this weird situation with Britney and her absurd requests hahaha

She wants a tiara, but for what? We're going to see it soon!


Dinah Jane Hansen, 15 - student

"Britney Spears is one of my first idol" she says "A record deal is my dream"

She also tells to live in a house with her family (parents, sisters and brother, grandparents), over 20 people all together in the same house and she's the oldest of her sis and bros

She performs on "If I Were A Boy" by Beyonce and damn, for me she's better than Beyonce and finally a great voice after really bad auditions.

LA: Listen, you didn't copy Beyonce. It's amazing. I love it! I predict that you will be one of the finalists!

Britney: You made my day! I felt a connection with you since the first moment you start to sing.

Demi: I have the chills. You have an incredible voice.

Simon: This is why we came to Providence for to find someone like you!

4/4 YES!

When Dinah walks off on stage, Simon is still impressed about the 20 people in an only one house.

"Grandpa and grandma are going to kill us for telling people we are in 23 people at home" says Dinah's mom to her daughter.


And finally we know the reason about the tiara.

"It's so beautiful on you" exclaims Britney putting the tiara on Simon's head.

Then he puts it on Britney's head saying she's the most beautiful princess in the world!

Arin Ray, 16 - student

He already tried the audition with a group but he didn't get it, now he's come back as solo artist.

Simon: I know you! - when Arin comes on stage

Arin starts his performance and he reminds me a lot of Chris Brown, love his original song, one thing is sure he conquered audience's hearts and also Demi.

LA: I liked you last you, I love you even more this year! You emboded X Factor day and night!


ney: I think I found a true star. You are the reason why I'm here right now!

Demi: Your confidence is really really hot. I'm really impressed. You definitely have the X FACTOR.

Simon: What happened to you in the last 12 months? You are a different person. Four very well deserved yeses.

"I wanna win this time" he says once off stage.


Luckily judges are goin

g to say bunch of cool yeses for the next contestants...


Natalie Marth, 16 - student

"Britney Spears is my biggest inspiration" she answers to Demi's question.

Simon: I really really like you

LA: It's easy. It's yes!

Britney: It definitely is yes. You are a star

Demi: So impressed

4/4 YES!


Nick Perre

lli, 16 - student

Britney: I found you brilliant!

Simon: I have a good feeling about you!

LA: Absolutely yes!

4/4 YES!

Beatrice Miller, 13 - student

LA: You really are special

Simon: Ready to scream, you have four yeses!

4/4 YES!

ONE4FIVE, 19-23 - group

Wow, these two dudes are really really great and charming. So original in the style and it's amazing to see who already knows how to move on stage like them. They really are confident!

4/4 YES!


A bit of China arrived in Providence...

Meet Changyi Li, 52 - unemployed

She is pretty weird with her sailor suite.

"I want to be a superstar like MJ, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Britney Spears" she explais.

My mom: "You wake up really late for to be a superstar!"

HAHAHA Bow to you, mom! You learnt from Simon XD

Simon asks if she's married but she denies.


"I'm peaky!"

She performs on "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion, even though I should say Go Gon hahah as she sings! And I didn't understand in which language she sung, a mix of English, Chinese and a new language.

Simon: The good news is that if they ever remake the movie you could replace the iceberg!


Britney: I don't think singing is for you. I think you could probably start dancing!

Oh Lordy, Britney! Hahahah you rock!

LA: That's why we do this! *after Changyi walks off stage*


Greensboro, NC

Austin Corini, 16 - student

He is in the backstage and two audience memebers, two little girls, has a complete crush on him, oh damn, this is the most embarassing moment... He signed also their arm. He's not a fuck of nobody yet and they asked for an autograph? They definitely still have to grow up!

Ok, he has a good voice but other contestants impressed me more than him!

Britney: I think you have an amazing voice. I love your hair and I think you are adorable!

Demi: I feel you have a great voice

LA: You are adorable. I get it!

Simon: Nice song. I want you are not remembered for your hair but for your voice,

4/4 YES!


And now it's the moment we are waiting for...

Nick Youngerman, 20 - janitor

He performs on "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice.

"I love this song!" exclaims Britney and she starts to dance. So lovely! For me it's a YES!

Simon: This is a song can change your life!"

4/4 YES!


JAMIE, 23-27 - group

They are a couple also in the life and they are like two squbs, please!

They sung on an original song but they get 4 NO!


David Correy, 26 - musician

"I hope to close up with my birth mother with my voice" he says.

He has been adopted by a family, his mom was 14 when he was born and he would like to know who she is.

He performs on "Just The Way You Are" by Bruno Mars.

Britney: I think you are great. You have an amazing presence

LA: You really sing, man! You really good on!

Demi: I'm excited to give you the third yes!

4/4 YES!


San Francisco, CA

A lot of people are waiting for to enter in the building when it arrives a black car a lovely brown hair girl comes out with her mother and her father. Wait a minute, but he is Gene Simmons of KISS!

Sophie Tweed Simmons, 19 - student

"I want to be who I am without to be Gene Simmon's daughter"

Also the other contestants start to notice her father's presence.

When she introduces herself on stage Demi exclaims: "That's why I know you! You are Nick's sister! Nick is Gene Simmons kid"

I think a lot of you guys noticed Nick's photos in Hanna Beth profile, Nick and Demi are Hanna's friends so it's obvious she already knows her!

Demi: I think you have something special!

Britney: I think you have an amazing voice

Simon: I think you have a very interesting tone in your voice... I like you tried with this song and give your interpretation!

LA: I really like you but for me it's a no!

3/4 YES!

Simon: A lot of practise for the next part!


Meanwhile in the backstage...

Tara Simon, 27 - vocal coach asks to another contestant what she thinks about Simmon's daughter and she answers she's good but not for Tara.

She does some press-ups before to come on stage.

"My dream is to be a singer" she says.

"If you could delete an artist of the music, who would be? asks LA and she replies: Christina Aguilera.

She performs on a ballad version of "Without You" by Usher and David Guetta.

LA: I'm really happy about this audition. You are damn good!

Britney: You are a true performer!

Demi: When you did those Mariah Carey stuff you blowed me away!

Daryl Black, 37 - musician

With him today his wonderful wife and two of their five children.

"It's my time to shine" he says.

Britney: Your stage presence is amazing. Your voice is very smooth. I loved it!

Simon: You remind me of Nat King Cole! You are unique as nobody else. This is a place for you!

4/4 YES


And the last for tonight is Trevor Moran, 13 - student

He records a video for internet and then invites another contestant to dance and sing with him on "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Jae Repsen while he's waiting for his turn

But one hour later we see him not so good, lies down on the floor and doctors around him

Poor Trevor!

Stay Tuned for the next episode and we will see what's happened to him!

Which has been your favorite moment/performance of this episode?

Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 - Info Update #7

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 28, 2012

Good Morning guys, it's such a great beginning with a new interview by BILD.de

BILD meets with Bill and Tom

That's why Tokio Hotel moved to the US
"We didn't have a place to call 'home' anymore."

Through the monsoon and around the world: At the peak of their success the "Tokio Hotel"-Twins Bill and Tom (23) left Germany – and moved to Los Angeles. Two years of silence followed. Now they’re back home – as jurors on "Deutschland sucht den Superstar"! BILD was the first one to interview Tom and Bill on the set of the casting show.

BILD: Already discovered some new talents today?
Bill: "Yes, there were quite a few good people there…"
Tom: "But no one that really blew us away. At least not today."

BILD: How do you get along with Dieter Bohlen?
"We didn't know Dieter personally before DSDS, but we've been looking forward to work on the 'anniversary season' of DSDS with him. We got along really well right away and have a lot of fun on set."

BILD: You're also acquainted with the dark side of show business, which for sure helps you at castings, right?
"I already saw some candidates where I thought to myself: "Nope, that's just not for you…"
Tom: "Those, that only want to get famous for the sake of being famous, really annoy me. Being famous is just a side-effect, if someone is really good at something. If you can't do anything, you shouldn't even be famous."

BILD: Two years ago, you left Germany. How is your life in Los Angeles?
"We consistently tried to hide the past two years. We wanted a place where we could withdraw and where we could have some privacy. We feel comfortable in L.A. and live there with our four dogs."

BILD: Why did you – quite literally – flee?
"We'd been on the road for five years, nx and we just didn't have a kind of 'safe haven' anymore. We really felt like we didn't have a place to call home anymore and after some time on the road it just felt like it doesn't really matter where you sleep anymore."

BILD: A terrible feeling …
"Yes. After some time it got to the point where we felt overwhelmed and thought: Where can we go? And above all we wanted a place where we could be creative again."

BILD: …and record a new Album?
"L.A. made it possible for us to record and work on new music in a more relaxed manner, which has definitely brought us further artistically. People are probably never going to hear a lot of the stuff, but they will definitely hear some of it."

BILD: Do you already have a release date for the new Album?
"We're still working on the new Album, but we won't rush ourselves."

BILD: Where do you feel 'at home' today?
"Actually, always where our family is. Of course our roots are in Germany, and Germany will always be our home, but Tom and I settle in fast – it doesn't matter where it is."

BILD: Bill, your appearance also changed quite drastically – the skeleton-tatto on your hand is quite crass…
"I started pretty early! I got my first piercing at the age of 13, my first tatto at the age of 15. I always liked tattoos and in the past few years I didn't have much time to get new ones. Now I design them with my tattoo artist in L.A."

BILD: You also built up quite a lot of muscles…
Bill (laughs):
"You do what you can…"



Tokio Hotel were two years "on the run"
Cologne (dts) - The "Tokio Hotel" twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (23) have two years to play the first major interview. "We have now tried two years quite consistently, to hide. We wanted a place where we can retreat to be private," said Bill Kaulitz of "Bild". The two have lived in recent years in Los Angeles and are now "Germany seeks the superstar" as jurors for the RTL show returned. "We really had the feeling that they have no home," said Tom. In the U.S., the twins are feeling: "We live together with our four dogs." The time in Los Angeles, they've also "further forward artistically." "We simply can really relaxed in LA making music. Some of this people will never hear, but much already," said Tom Kaulitz.


1. Pick the first option "Top – endlich mal jemand, den man kennt!" 

2. Click on the "Abstimmen" button

3. Write the exact number they will give you to confirm your vote. 

Only one vote a day per alien allowed! 

Spread the word & let's vote!




New scan of a German newspaper called Panorama with a new photo, I really hope to get it in HQ soon:

Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 - Info Update #6

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 27, 2012

Also Aachener Zeitung (issue #224/12) German newspaper today talked about Bill and Tom in DSDS jury.

Tokio Hotel twins as judges in the show "DSDS"

RTL cleverly selling. The stars of Tokio Hotel Bill and Tom Kaulitz (in the picture) beside Dieter Bohlen and leader Mateo from Culcha Candela are the new jury now showing "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" ("DSDS"). This is the way to catch two birds: the adolescent group again, and the television station hopes to raise young. For doing this, the twins (23) came back to Germany, interrupting their two-year creative break. Recording began in Berlin, and the tenth season will air in January 2013. RTL, is armed with new jurors of their show, they talk about "the TV sensation of the year." The show which recently fell slightly in ratings is "Supertalent", the second largest show of castings. This RTL format is trying to attract viewers, having captured the Tokio Hotel twins.

And on Alien Chat in BTK App appeared this question:


Also the new issue of OK! magazine (German edition) talks about DSDS:

COLOGNE - Well, they do in their spare time: Bill and Tom Kaulitz, 23, will be visible from 2013 with Dieter Bohlen in the jury of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" to find new talent. Because next week, the castings start with this amazing trio, however, the only problem is that will air in January. We are excited!



Nazan Eckes & Raul Richter are the new hosts of DSDS 2013

source: rtl.de

Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 - Info Update #5

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 26, 2012

A new exclusive article on Glamour.de about Bill and Tom as judges in DSDS opens a chink for a performance of the German band Tokio Hotel in the talent show...



Everything new of Tom and Bill

Tom and Bill Kaulitz from “Tokio Hotel” are back to Germany. The twins sit on the jury of DSDS and work on their fourth studio album of the band.

They are back: Billand Tom from “Tokio Hotel”. After two years avoiding much of the media and the move to Los Angeles, the Tokio Hotel stars appear with a new look: Bill from Tokio Hotel unshaven and gray hair on his first photoshooting with the new judges of DSDS, while his brother, Tom, appears without the typical cap, recently wore cornrows.

New album and planned tour:

About the lack on work, the Tokio Hotel twins on the coming weeks and months, can not complain. In addition to their jobs as jurors, they are also working on the new Tokio Hotel album and planning the next tour.

“We were so far from Germany and carry the full load of DSDS before returning with the band – who knows where we will travel – “, the singer Bill Kaulitz said aloud to welt.de. Perhaps there will have a presentation of Tokio Hotel during the new season of DSDS, one or two new songs. It will be interesting anyway.


What do you think?

It would be a great move to perform on DSDS maybe with a new exclusive hit single?




The DSDS judges: Dieter Bohlen, Bill and Tom Kaulitz and Mateo from Culcha Candela start to work...

Thunder Storm & Second Chances On The X Factor Episode 4

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 25, 2012

The episode 4 is dedicated to Greensboro auditions and watching the promo I think that'll make the fur fly!!!

Britney's hotel...

She's finishing to put makeup and lipstick in her hotel room, she is in bathrobe and when she's ready she takes it out ehehe she's super funny! She also says to be happy to be near Lousiana, in a southern country.

Demi is also in her room and she has to dress up while LA is outside in the garden...

They are in their cair toward X Factor arena but the city seems to empty.

"Where's everyone?" asks Britney.

In front of the arena, of course. A huge crowd among contestant and audience is waiting for the judges arriving...

But wait a minute: where's Simon?

In his car, he asks to his driver the typical restaurant of the city and she brings him at Jake's.

Simon tries cheese griffs and takes away some specialities for the other judges...

Britney seems so satisfied about this food:

But come back to the auditions... While judges are enjoying southern food there's who is really excited for own audition...

Willie Jones, 17 - student

"My family is a big part of my life just like music" he says.

Demi: I love your style, it's very Fresh Prince Of Bel Air!

Willie starts to singing... DAMN! Make him to win, please! He's awesome! His voice is so deep and mature, oh Lordy!

LA: You are absolutely original

Britney: I was very surprised and I think like LA said you are very original

Demi: You are really relikable. You are such a rockstar

Simon: I prayed to find someone like you in Greesboro. Your voice is a sensational recording voice. It's a day to remember!

4/4 YES!


Kalvin McManigle, 47 - lawn mower factory worker

What? Is he 47? Are you kidding? Maybe he's 74!!!

OMG! Over the fact I don't understand what he says, he also forgot what he's going to sing hahaha luckily when the instrumental starts he reminds it but... maybe it's better if he comes back to his work...

"I love you, Britney!" he says.

Simon: Britney, do you love him too?

Britney: I'm scared after the lighting! Hahahaha


Julia Bullock, 18 - unemployed

She says to be there without the band she used to perform... but what the band thinks about this decision? We see what happened before she come in for the audition, one of the member is her ex-boyfriend and it seems he isn't so happy about this decision... it seems she prefers to do it alone because the other members aren't so talented... but on stage she says they would be happy to continue alone without her... in the backstage her ex boyfriend is shaking his head...

Simon: I think you are really really really good, one of my favorites.

Britney: You definitely have an unique sound!

LA: For me you are exactly what we're looking for!

Demi: You're awesome and super talent!

4/4 YES!


Meanwhile... outside the arena some PEPSI kiosks entertain the contestant offering new Pepsi flavour and asking which one they prefer and the same do our judges and as usual Demi and Simon haven't the same opinion...

Krysten Colon, 21 - hairdresser

"I'm ready to be a superstar!"

On stage she says to be finally confident and share what she sings in the shower.

But unluckily her audition goes so well.

Simon: I don't feel the real you. What I need is a classic song with a your interpretation!

Simon gives her a break, she has a bit of time for to prepare another song...


Jeffrey Gutt, 36 - musician

He is a single dad and his son is there with him.

They are such adorable together and I already am moved to see him with his song, I don't know what I will do when he will start to sing and obviously and damn, it seems he did it on purpose, he's going to sing "Halleluijah" of Leonard Cohen. I love that song, it's one of my favorite and I always cry when I listen it!

His interpretation is really really great, I loved it!

LA: I'm a fan!

Britney: I love how mysterious your voice was.

Demi: You changed the song, I've never heard this song in that way *thunder outside* God even rocking right now!

Simon: It's one of the most brilliant auditions I heard!

4/4 YES!

When he walks off on stage, Demi and Simon continues to talk about Jeffrey

Demi: it's like the Josh Groban of the rock'n'roll

Simon: Better!


In the meanwhile the weather is literally changing and it starts to rain and lights turn off in the building.

Simon [to a contestant]: Marchello, you know what, that is a sign from someone above saying "Leave"


In the background sounds O FORTUNA by Carl Orff hahaha it's damn perfect for this kind of situation and definitely bad auditions don't help...

but the show must go on even though just one of those things such as buckets around the judges seats because a thunder hit the ceiling...

Krysten comes back on stage, maybe now she gets it!

She chose "I have nothing"... mmhh.... it's one of the hardest songs ever and maybe only Whitney couldn't sing it!

A huge thunder closed the main light on stage and Britney starts to scream so loud hahahah


Unluckily for Krysten this another chance was maybe worse than the first one and she gets four no.

She's so upset and she throws water on the cameras and want to hit the cameramen with a chair and in the end she left the building running...

WOW! It's been such an intense episode:


The X Factor USA - Episode 4 - S2 [09.20.2012] di BBCTheVoiceuk1


Which is your favorite moment/performance of this episode?

Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 - Info Update #4

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 25, 2012

A lot of press talk about Bill and Tom Kaulitz as judges in the new season of DSDS.

Check them out! ;-)

BILD.DE: "Tokio Hotel" Guitarist is now sitting at DSDS! Tom Kaulitz hopes for a bare skin!

At his first workday in the “DSDS” Jury, The Tokio Hotel guitarrist Tom Kaulitz (23) has already got quite clear ideas – and those are lightly clad: “I can only give the advise to every girl to wear something short. Because then you're already half way through!”.

A clear statement to the candidates. The 23 years old guitarist doesn’t only hope for some bare skin but also for females with some talent. “In Germany are way too less female artists” he said towards the TV channel RTL. His advice for the male artists is: “Stay at home if you can’t sing!”.

His brother Bill stays diplomatic regarding the new superstar “When it fits, it simply fits. I will immediately recognize it when he or she stands in front of me.”

Together with old-timer Dieter Bohlen (58) and “Culcha Candela” singer Mateo, the Tokio Hotel twins create the first male jury in 10 years of DSDS. Sure thing that the female candidates will be in the main focus!

Today already started the first records of the castings in Berlin. But the fans will have to wait until January 2013 when the show will be aired.


"Tokio Hotel” want more girls on DSDS!

Berlin.- This time the superstars already are a part of the judges.

first work day for Bill and Tom Kaulitz (23) as judges for “Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar”.

yesterday, “Tokio Hotel”, Dieter Bohlen (58) and “Culcha Candela” singer Itchyban (33), saw the first “DSDS”- casting candidates in Berlin.


“We wish for more female talents. the girls should wear short skirts. all judges are men so they’d get in the next round easily.”, told Tom to Bild. Boys not allowed?

Tom: “Those who can’t sing should stay at home.”

And how’s it going with dieter?

Bill: “we got along well right away and have much fun!”


promiflash.de: "DSDS - That's why Tokio Hotel's twins take part"

The twins of Tokio Hotel (both 23) have avoid spotlights during the past two years and have withdrawn in Los Angeles. Until today ! It is today that recordings for DSDS ( Ndt: the german equivalent of American Idol, abridged in DSDS). Tom and Bill take part from today to the auditions in Berlin.

It is in an interview granted to RTL that Bill explains the reason of their engagement in DSDS : “We have tried to completely retreat ourselves of the public life these last years in order to come back in studio and also having a break. The proposition of RTL came at a good time and we are able to do it beside our continuous work in studio.”
Until now, the twins have refused every offer of this kind. It was never a question of taking part of another program. “We have always said that, if we had to be jurors somewhere, it would be in the biggest show with a special format.”

The last prompt was given by Steve Tyler (64) “He was juror last year in the american version of DSDS (American Idol)! We think it is a good thing that TV talent shows choose real artists to be juror for more seriousness and musical demand.” declared Tom.


Anyway, we are ready and excited to see the twins as jurors. It will begin in January 2013, finally !


Bill & Tom On The Main Page Of Yahoo Deutschalnd:


PUNKT 9 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2012

Punkt 9 - 25.09.12 di foreversacred

PUNKT 12 - SEPTEMBER 25, 2012
Punkt 12 - 25.09.12 di foreversacred






Hello, we start right times with a TV sensation in the new week! Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel are sitting beside Dieter Bohlen and Mateo Culcha Candela in the new judges of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". Because of DSDS they interrupt their creative break and work on the fourth studio album. With the Kaulitz twins obliged DSDS real superstars, because Bill and Tom look at the age of just 23 years back to a global career.



Also MUZ.tv (Russia) reported the news about Bill and Tom as judges in DSDS


Bill & Tom's car exits from Berlin hotel





LA's Birthday Surprise, Please Don't Say Adele & More On The X Factor Episode 3

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 24, 2012

Finally I had a bit of time to watch the two episodes of last week and I have to say that also this time didn't miss to laugh, to cry, to moving and to be impressed by some talents.

Kansas City, MO

Few radios announce X Factor auditions is in the city while in Britney's hotel room she tells LA and Demi that Simon is sick and he can't to be there for the audition: Louis Walsh will be the guest judge for today (for who doesn't know he is the producer of Boyzone and Westlife and also judges of X Factor UK since 2004).

When LA left Brit's room, Demi informs her today is LA's birthday and she thought that Britney could do something special for him and Brit accepts.

"It's gonna be a fun day, I feel it" says LA in the backstage.

In the contestants room Cece Frey, 20 - mail clerk introduces herself to Rizzloe Jones, 18 - student.

She already acts like a diva and I definitely don't like it, she treated him like a loser. This is bad!

"I'm so ready" Rizzloe says before to come on stage.

Everyone is so impressed about his confident also before to sing and his freestyle is absolutely awesome!

LA: Like your flow! It was really good!

Louis: Rizzloe Jones remember that name, you rock like a little popstar!

Britney: I think you are a young Vanilla Ice Ice Baby!

Demi. You totally surprised me!

4/4 YES!

His friends are so proud of him and CeCe doesn't seem really happy Rizzloe got the audition.

"This audition means anything to me. I've waited my whole life for an opportunity like this" says CeCe.

"Do you believe in yourself?" asks Louis"

"Yes, absolutely"

She also thinks to be better than the others even though she didn't follow the previous performances.

She performs on "Unchainted Melody" but Britney doesn't seem impressed and tries to don't figure it out.

"This is not the right song for her" says LA and I'm so agree with him! Simon stops her.

Demi: This is a little confusing cause you have leopard print on your face!

She wants a second chance singing "Ain't No Other Man" by Christina Aguilera and this time she got it!

I don't know why some people choose a song they can't sing and they pretend to be great singer and then they want a chance to sing another one definitely better for their voice. Damn! Choose that as first one so you don't make a bad impression!

Louis: CeCe I love ambitious people with talent. I think you are ambitious and talented.

Britney: I think you are a very talented little girl

LA: You have attitude and you have style and you have passion and ambitious and I think you have the X Factor sweety!

Demi: Your attitude is awesome!

4/4 YES!


In the backstage...

It's time for LA's surprise! A wonderful southern voice starts to sing: "Happy Birthday", it's Britney! There's still anyone else who thinks she can't sing?

Vino Alan, 39 - musician

"The stage is yours!" encourages LA.

He can has all his head covered by tattoos but he definitely has a great voice, really deep and in my opinion is one of the greatest voices I heard on X Factor.

LA: You have something of unique in your voice

Louis: I really like your version of "Trouble", I think you have something of really interesting

Britney: I was inspired. You are very good!

Demi: There's something of unique in your voice that I've never heard in this competition yet!

4/4 YES!


Time for a break... Louis is in the backstage and asks LA if he misses Simon: "not that much" replies him! Hahahaha XD


Deangelo Wallace, 19 - student

"Miss Disney princess Demi Lovato... she likes to talk a lot" oh oh oh

I think this contestant will not pass!

Let's see!

Well... he chose "With You" by Chris Brown and after have shown his confident (pretty boring after a while) he definitely not has the X Factor and at some point the judges decide to walk off stage leaving the contestant to sing. Such ridiculous!

"We laughed, we had a good time but he's serious!" tells LA.

Deangelo finishes the performance and walks off stage and literally left the builiding but he still is microphoned, luckily they caught him and he has been arrested but he was released in a few hours. He will not be going to bootcamp.


Tate Stevens, 37 - road worker

"You're funny" says Demi and he really is. He's so friendly and nice.

He has a great personality and a great voice. The typical you usually listen as background in movies while the protagonist was doing a travel in the car or in train and he's thinking to his soulmate, you know what I mean?


Demi: You blowed me away with your voice!

Louis: You got an amazing and authentic country voice. We found a country star!

Britney: You are my favorite so far. I love you! Holy Cow, yes!

LA: You are really good man. You are a true country star!

4/4 YES!

LA is really glad about Tate, he found a real star!


San Francisco, CA

New city. New auditions. New talents.

Judges arrive inside the building less Simon. He is in late! Everybody's thinking is still sick but he's really good and ready to say what he thinks about the contestants.

Citizen, 21-25 - group

Why people scream when they say who they are? I mean they aren't famous yet, it's just a name!

Simon's face speaks itself during their performance hahaha while Demi is smiling but it seems the audience loves them!

LA: great song choice (Don't Let Go). I really like it!b

but Simon doesn't seem to have the same opinion

Britney: You guys totally rocked up there! I loved the choreography!

Simon is always more shocked

Demi: I think you have really great voice

Simon: I didn't get it! I'm gonna to say NO!

3/4 YES!

Obviously there aren't always good performances...

"It was like the six of you were waiting for the bus" says Simon to a boyband who tried to impress Demi with an a capella version of "Skyscraper"

"I wouldn't play it at my funeral" Simon speaks about a song chose by a contestant.

Demi: So mean! Simon: Constructive!


No... No... No... Easy No... Simon's back!


Adrianna Lemus, 14 - student

She's going to perform "Rumor Has It" by Adele but Simon: "I hate that song!"

She doesn't convince the judges, unluckily there are four no for her and she walks off on stage crying.

Diamond White, 14 - student; is the next contestant and she's worried because Adrianna is crying.

Britney talks with her and when Diamond starts to say the song she's going to sing, Simon says: "Please don't say Adele!"

The little girl performs on "This Is A Men's World"

Really deep voice for her age, really love her and the song too! If you didn't know her age, you could suppose she's older than 13!

LA: You are a diamond!

Demi: I think you have the X Factor, this is what we're searching for

Britney: You are amazing

Simon: I think you are incredible! With that song you proved that it's not a men's world!

4/4 YES!


Austin, TX

Ally Brooke, 19 - student
"My ultimate dream is to be as big as Beyonce" she says.

She has such an angelic voice but probably she's so excited that she continues to sing also after the end of the background base hahaha

LA: you have a really special voice, I'm really impressed by you!

Demi: Your voice is blow me away

Britney: I actually was really surprise, I felt like you should be on Broadway!

Simon: I've the feeling to see a new star!

4/4 YES!


Brandon Hassan, 16 - student

He sings the same Vino's song "Trouble" and in my opinion he sung it better thand Brandon but...

Britney: your voice is really bluesy and sexy. It's incredible!

and he got 4/4 yes!

Normani Hamilton, 15 - student

"I lover her" says Simon while she's singing and she got 4/4 yes!

LA: "See you on the next round!"


Sister C, 17-21 - group and also they got 4 yes!


Jeremiah & Josh, 22 - group

They sung an original song written by them

"Your voice is magical and I wish you could wake me up in the morning" says Britney.


"Singing! Singing!" and she puts the hands on her head.

*Camera on Jason*


Panda Ross, 42 - barista

I have to say she has the right name hahah

"Simon is my baby teddy" she explained "I'm here for him!"

HAHAHA this woman rocks

Simon: What's your name?

"Panda like the bear"

Her performance rocks! She's amazing!

LA: I can't deny how good it was! You moved this room! I love you!

Demi: You're such a character!

Britney: You are very charming and hilarious. You have a really good voice!

Simon: You sound like a legend! I absolutely love you!

4/4 YES!

But unfortunately Panda doesn't feel good when she walks off on stage and she has been brought away with the ambulance.

Judges were informed and Simon exclaims: "Demi is infectious" because she embraced Panda after the performance in the backstage. BAD BAD SIMON!


Jessica Espinoza, 22 - unemployed

"I'm ready but I'm terrified"

She sings "Nobody Knows" by Pink

LA: you are really special!

Britney: You have such a strong voice and it's really deep. I love it!

Demi: I honestly don't even know where to start because you have a sparkle in your eyes that you only see in the people who have the X Factor

Simon: I didn't like it... I LOVED IT! I love everything about you! My favorite audition so far today!

4/4 YES!

And with this young Pink the episode is finished, see ya tomorrow with a new X Factor episode!


Which is your favorite moment/performance of this episode?

Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 - Info Update #3

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 24, 2012

The TV sensation of the year: Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel and Mateo Culcha Candela sit next to Dieter Bohlen in the new judges of "Deutschald sucht den Superstar".

The twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel, the most successful band in Germany and Mateo, founder and frontman of the band Culcha Candela will be, "Germany seeks the superstar" in the next season of jubilee Poptitan Dieter Bohlen sit on the jury. "Competent, controversial, colorful and with great musical spectrum: the new jury promises great entertainment, and now it's one of many reasons to turn American Idol delivering on the promise of many innovations." Said RTL entertainment chief Tom Sänger

What's done in the last two years, no one has done with RTL DSDS now. Bill and Tom Kaulitz return after almost two years of break back in the public media and in Germany. For American Idol the twins interrupt  their creative break and work on the fourth studio album from Tokio Hotel, currently running at full speed. With the Kaulitz twins obliged DSDS real superstars, because Bill and Tom look at the age of just 23 years back on an international career that is unparalleled: 59 platinum and 89 gold records, and more than 90 music and media awards were Tokio Hotel worldwide since their breakthrough.
International awards such as the MTV March Madness (USA), U.S. VH1 O Music Awards (USA), MTV Video Music Awards Japan, MTV Video Music Award USA, NRJ Music Awards (France), MTV Europe Music Awards, a European Border Breakers Award and the World Music Award (UK), among several national honors such as Echo, Bambi, The Golden Camera, the Eins Live Krone, the Golden Tuning Fork and countless comets - to name just a few. Well over 300 shows played Tokio Hotel around the globe before they are after their last European tour (Welcome to Humanoid City), the same tour of South America and the worldwide promotional tour, which ended in Japan, withdrew.

What the successful team led now to take the job as judges of American Idol? "We have in recent years tried completely out draw from the public to go to the studio and we especially to take a break. This year, it fit just at the request of American Idol, and we can do it next to the current and ongoing work in the studio realize well, "said Bill. Tom: "So far we have canceled all offers of this kind." Bill: "But we have always said that if we are jurors somewhere, then in the original and the biggest show."

Tom: "The person to give us the last push to say yes was Steven Tyler, who was a juror on the last season of American Idol! We think it’s good that casting shows rely on real artists as jurors to add another type of sincerity and musical standard to the show."

Punkt 6 (RTL) - 24.09.2012
After we were able to confirm to you already on Saturday that the twins as jury members in the tenth season of DSDS, follows today now the official confirmation of the part-published and RTL.

Bill says loudly RTL to the cooperation: "We have in recent years tried completely out draw from the public to go to the studio and we especially times to take a break this year, it fits easily in the request of American Idol. and we can do it next to the current and ongoing work in the studio realize well. "
RTL also today radiates from exclusive interviews and American Idol material. Switching is worth it!


The interview has been filmed in Berlin, probably the hotel is Ritz Cartlon, in Postdamer Platz

Tokio Hotel in the DSDS jury. The sensation at Deutschland sucht den Superstar. How Tom and Bill are looking forward to the job next to Dieter Bohlen. Bill: "Tom and I will pay attention to…" Tom: "the women." Bill: "the women! " The exclusive interview with the Tokio Hotel twins after the commercials.


Kena Amoa (Exclusiv moderator): "good morning. Bill and Tom Kaulitz are new in the DSDS jury. We're electrified and are looking forward to some stories."
Blonde woman: "Awesome! And that after two years where they haven't been in any media." XYZ and XYZ met the two guys next to Dieter Bohlen and interviewed them exclusively.

After two years they're back in front of a camera and back in Germany. Bill and Tom on the evening in Berlin. The new stars of the DSDS jury took a break from their current work on their album to be jurors.
Bill: We haven't done anything for quite a long time, we've withdrawn ourselves completely. And of course we're looking forward now to see new talents and new artists. And maybe we'll also get inspired for our work in the studio.

They also want to inspire themselves from Dieter Bohlen. The twins are especially looking forward to finally meet and get to know him.

Bill: There's that old-timer who has been in that business for many years, he's very experienced and knows that format very well, he has made all the previews series and knows exactly what important and what counts. And I guess we can add a totally different aspect to the show and so I guess it's the perfect jury, at least I hope so.

Both already said before the show that they want to try to set own emphases.

Tom: I really hope that there'll also be some female artists because there are not enough german female artists, at least in my opinion.
Bill: Well yes, I would of course also like to see some female artists. Tom and I will mainly pay attention to…
Tom: the women.
Bill: yes, the women.

So probably the female artists can be happy about that. Maybe the twins will also meet a fan in the castings, who probably already stood in the crowd of one of their concerts.

2005 the boys of Tokio Hotel began their successful career. They collected many prizes like the Comet and Echo, they received 89 gold awards for their sold CD's. Two years ago they've withdrawn themselves and went to the USA. But now they gladly came back for DSDS.
Bill: We've always said that if we ever become jurors in a casting show then only at the original format show, because we simply reckon in it the most.
Tom: It's also the only casting show where the artists get really successful, so I guess that was also quite important for us.

Today things get serious for them because the preparations begin. The DSDS series will be aired in January 2013, here on RTL.

Blonde woman: Wow, amazing styling.
Brunette woman: 2013 the shows will air but the twins will also already be part of the castings, right?
Kena Amoha: Yes, they'll already be at the castings as well. You'll have to think that those fans who screamed Durch den Monsun back in 2005 grew up now and will probably stand now in front of their idols singing in front of them. I guess there'll be many interesting things which we'll get to see.
Blonde woman: Those two guys really made a world career in only a very short time. Now the question is: do they really fit in the format and also to Dieter Bohlen, or will there be some problems and issues?
Kena Amoha: Well, they had 4 number 1 hits, they sold 6 million CD's worldwide, and I guess they can create a great balance towards Dieter Bohlen. Plus they can probably also add a better view and opinion of the younger generation and the view of the rock music to the show. Also, Bill was once part of a casting show so he's also experienced and knows how to handle that pressure to grow up in the spotlight. So he can probably develop a lot of sympathy for the candidates.

[… they're talking about Itchy from Culcha Candela…]


Bild.de also reported that the twins received 500.000€ for to be DSDS judges.

Meanwhile there's who wants to impress Bill dressing just like him!

Like Britney would say: I PASS!!!

Stay Tuned for more....


First pictures of the judges...

And on the Alien Chat on BTK App has been posted this:


commentator: lights on for the new dsds judges. tokio hotel brothers bill and tom kaulitz come back on our screens and back to germany were they have to point out something right away.

tom: it’s a little bit cold but the rest…

bill: yes, it’s a bit like a cold shock but we’re happy to be back in germany.

commentator: normally the twins live in los angeles were they work on their 4th studio album.

bill: we have a studio at home, we produce much on our own and write a lot. this is a good and welcomevariety.

commentator: what’s today for them a welcome variety was 7 years ago their daily schedule. [talks about their success.] […] also today the 23 years-old singer surpirsed with a new hairstyle.
bill: it happens by me automatically and naturally. i probably change more often than other people, but for me that’s totally normal.
commentator: for so much fashion sense, his brother tom makes little jokes about it sometimes.
tom [joking]: my accessory for today are my sunglasses and i thought someone will also start to talk about my new style. 
commentator: during the interview tom made some jokes now and then.
tom [joking]: i wanted this so badly, to support young musicians that i’ve said i’ll do it for free. bill got money stuffed up his ass and ehm.. that’s the truth.

Voice-over: Lights on for the new DSDS judges: Tokio Hotel brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz have returned to our screens and are back in Germany where they have to comment on something right away.
Tom: Well, I think it’s a bit… a bit nippy at the moment but apart from that…
Bill: Yeah, it’s obviously a bit of a cold shock and erm… However, we’re happy to be back in Germany again.
Voice-over: That’s because usually the twins are living in Los Angeles where they’re currently working on their forth studio album.
Bill: We’ve got a home studio, erm, yes, we’re also producing an awful lot ourselves and are, like, writing. And that’s why all of this now is also just a good and very welcome change.
Voice-over: What’s a change nowadays used to be an ongoing agenda for Bill and Tom seven years ago. They had their big breakthrough as Tokio Hotel with their first song “Durch den Monsun” in 2005.
*DdM video part*
Voice-over: Back then they were only just 16 years old. Their debut album “Schrei” sold 1.5 million copies. By the time they were 18 they were already millionaires and made fans’ hearts beat faster around the world. The guys polarise more than hardly any German band and not only because of their music but also with their performances and the ever-changing hairstyles and styles of singer Bill. And even today the 23-year old surprises with a new look for his head once again.
Bill: With me it always happens automatically and naturally. Yes, well… I was… I probably change more than other people but for me it just, like, comes with the territory.
Voice-over: However, for so much fashion-consciousness he also has to take a little joke from brother Tom every now and then.
Tom: *to interviewer* Maybe about my sunglasses because I especially stuck them here today. That was, like, my accessory for today and I actually thought it would also give me a new styling but… *Bill laughing*
Voice-over: In any case Tom keeps falling into joker mode time and again throughout our interview
Tom: Bottom line is that for me the urge to also just nurture young people musically became so strong that I said I’d do it for free. Bill got sh*tloads of money and erm, that’s the truth. *Bill laughing*
Voice-over: In return he also gets to sit next to the casting expert par excellence: Dieter Bohlen. He’s a DSDS judge for the 10th time. This time [he’s] part of an all male judging panel. However, there are not only three of them. There is another new judge at the desk. Culcha Candela singer Mateo. He formed the band Culcha Candela with two friends in 2001. In 2007 they released a truly catchy song with “Hamma!”
In the meantime Culcha Candela have released six albums and rocked over 900 concerts. Mateo says it fits the bill for his job as a judge.
Mateo: I think I can sense it when people absolutely want it. This kind of absolute will to entertain and for entertainment because that’s where I come from. I’m not an exceptionally gifted rapper, singer or dancer but my strongest talent is just that I work hard to achieve things and to entertain.
Well, I’m honest. I’ve also got it tattooed here *showing tattoo on both hands*: “100% real”… [It’s me with] all [my] rough edges, [and] all [my] quirks. I’m just the way I am.
Voice-over: However, even for Mateo it’s a highlight that he’s sitting with Dieter Bohlen at the DSDS desk now.
Mateo: To be honest, I’ve got tons of respect for him as, erm… yes, as a producer and, like, a maker. Because after all you have to get this far first and then also stay there and I think it’s super. Meaning, something like this motivates me.
Voice-over: Anticipation for Bohlen and curiosity about Tokio Hotel.
Mateo: To be honest, well, I’m curios about what hairstyle Bill has got at the moment.
Voice-over: After all one still remembers him with black hair like this. Mateo can get his own idea of his fellow judges at their first meeting today. Visually all four next to each other already make for an exciting judges mix.

Roberta Bieling (presenter): Well yes, we’ve said it before already: It’s the first work day for the new DSDS judging panel in Berlin today. Of course we’re there and now we go live to the boss himself, Dieter Bohlen.
Dieter, now there are four of you. What do you expect from this big judging panel?
Dieter Bohlen: Yes, I mean, I think with Tokio Hotel we also even have got some really big international stars with us for the first time. They, erm… Right now I can’t think of anyone else from Germany who also is just really successful internationally. Erm, then they’re also quite young, quite crazy, I think and in my eyes they’re also flamboyant, right? Well, based on that I’ll expect it to be very, very interesting for the audience and also [with having] Mateo from Culcha Candela. I think the combination is super good this time. We also don’t have a chick in our middle that only has to look good. Therefore, well, [having] four opinions, erm… certainly it’ll be working out well.
Roberta Bieling (presenter): [In] 10 years of DSDS, you’re the only one who has been a part of all [previous] seasons. So what’s the secret of its long-lasting success from your point of view?
Dieter: Oh well, I mean, we’re the only casting format that even generates Number Ones. Meaning, with all the other casting formats they [candidates] start driving taxi again after two weeks, right? To lead their existence. Erm, with us there’s 500.000 Thalers on the nail. Erm, I’d say those are all arguments speaking for DSDS. And, like mentioned before, [there is] this really immense success that the artists will have then. Though sometimes not for long but that’s not our fault. Erm, the artist has to be responsible for that themselves then, right? Well, every time I’m looking for something for the heart, for my eyes and something for the ears and every now and then I just get something for the [rubbish] bin. It can’t be helped, right?
Roberta Bieling (presenter): Hmhm, Dieter. Many thanks and have fun!


Tokio Hotel in der «DSDS»-Jury di dpa_cac

If you want to follow RTL appointment in streaming with Bill and Tom today at 6pm (German hour)





RTL Exclusiv - 24.09.12 di foreversacred


RTL 2:

Voice-over: White hair, more tattoos and clearly more exercise, yet still unmistakably Tokio Hotel. For the first time Bill and Tom Kaulitz are in Germany again after [having been] in LA for two years and as newly-appointed casting judges they’re mainly looking for an authentic up-and-coming star here.
Tom: That a person walks in where you, like, say: „Awesome, somehow that’s already an artist!“ Meaning, it’s some kind of talent, it’s a person who just is the way they are and that’s good like that. And that you only have to polish them a bit so to speak.
Bill: Also recognition value. Well, that’s totally important to me.
Tom: At the end of the day we’re looking for everything that Bill hasn’t got. And what I have got.
Bill: Yes.
Voice-over: The 23-year old twins have got enough work experience. They’ve been standing on a stage professionally since 2005, [and] sold more than six million records. Work on album number four is in full swing by the way.
Bill: Actually we’ve been in the studio all this time, erm, day and night. Tom and I also got a studio in our home. We’ve got a home studio, erm, yes, we’re also producing an awful lot ourselves and are, like, writing. And that’s why all of this now is also just a good and very welcome change.
Voice-over: Maybe the alleged €500.000 pay also played a part in Bill and Tom joining the casting now and didn’t already do so for competitor „The Voice“ last year.
Tom: Bottom line is that for me the urge to also just nurture young people musically became so strong that I said I’d do it for free. Bill got sh*tloads of money and erm, that’s the truth.
*Bill laughing*
Voice-over: Anyway, the two of them had to work today already. How strict Tokio Hotel’s judgements are will not be shown until next year though.




Tokio Hotel Wonderland


aquarius tokio hotel


Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 - Info Update #2

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 23, 2012

Websites and communities are literally blowing up with tons of updates about Bill and Tom new experience at Deutschald Such Den Superstar (DSDS) 2013


"Almost officially confirmed! Meanwhile, we were contacted by RTL because the sender was on the urgent search for fans to this show in a few days exclusive shots of Bill and Tom as the American Idol judges. The pictures and comments of fans to the exclusive video footage to be shown at one of the RTL Magazine. Thus, we can confirm to you as good as official that Bill and Tom will be in upcoming American Idol Season
We are excited about coming exclusively reports that in the coming days you can read here on www.TH-Wonderland.de

ATTENTION! RTL has now found enough fans for tomorrow's shoot in Cologne. Please write any emails and messages more!

And we have just briefly closed phone with RTL editor. Bill and Tom will not be filmed in Cologne tomorrow, but in Berlin for American Idol. The rotation of the fans, must see where this exclusive video footage will, however, still held in Cologne. RTL explosives can also call any other Audition Dates with Bill and Tom, as for these other production company is responsible.
RTL explosive report will run tomorrow night at 6pm! (German hour)

DATES: 24.09.12: American Idol filming in Berlin | 25.09.12: American Idol Audition in Berlin
Date: 24.09.2012: RTL explosives - 6pm (German hour)"

We received today also email to a fan meeting in Dortmund:

Hello aliens,
It's that time again, is a fan meeting on 27.10.2012 in Dortmund (or as they say in Gelsenkirchen "Lüdenscheid") was planned and you are all welcome to fly directly from your android to Dortmund before the Westfalenhalle.
The way to Dortmund you will not regret in any case, because, as usual, is a lot of fun, action and getting to know new, nice fans guaranteed.
Since we have not yet all have so many commitments, we hope to encounter here at THW to interested fans who also desire to come to Dortmund and, eventually, to earn a recall list. : D

Here are the key dates:
Location: Dortmund (just before the Westfalenhalle)
Date / Time: 27 October 2012, 1pm (German hour)

Do you have any other questions, not failure but simply drop by at the following link in our Facebook group:

We are there for you,
Diana, Iizzie and Pat



Tokio Hotel Wola @THWonderland

We just phoned with one of the editors of RTL Explosiv! She told us that the filming with Bill and Tom will be held in Berlin tomorrow.

Tokio Hotel Wola @THWonderland

She also said that she doesn´t know when and where the auditions with Bill and Tom will take place, cause they´ll be filmed by...

Tokio Hotel Wola @THWonderland

another production company. But they´ll show some material tomorrow at 6pm at RTL Explosiv!


Source: www.th-wonderland.de

Britney Spears Team 'Livid' Over Glee Tribute

Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 23, 2012

Looks like fans aren’t the only ones put off by the Glee Britney 2.0 tribute.

Billy Bush on Access Hollywood Live says he spoke to Brit’s manager Larry Rudolph, who was “livid” about the episode, and had no idea what the concept was about before it aired.

Check it out:

What's your thoughts about this Glee episode?

(990 results)
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February 19, 2012 – BLAZE The Street Dance Sensation @ Politeama Rossetti – Trieste (IT)
April 25, 2012 – Nightwish @ Assago – Milan (IT)
May 22, 2012 – Biagio Antonacci @ PalaTrieste – Trieste (IT)
June 21, 2012 – Nicki Minaj @ Alcatraz – Milan (IT)
September 21, 2012 - Marilyn Monroe Exhibition @ Salvatore Ferragamo Museum - Florence (IT)
November 2, 2012 - Biagio Antonacci @ Palasport - Verona (IT)
March 2, 2013 - Swan Like On Ice @ Politeama Rossetti - Trieste (IT)
July 11, 2013 - Rammstein @ Villa Manin - Udine (IT)
July 16, 2013 - Parsons Dance Company @ Politeama Rossetti - Trieste (IT)
October 1, 2013 - Moreno @ Alcatraz - Milan (IT)
May 16, 2014 - Thriller Live @ Politeama Rossetti – Trieste (IT)
June 26, 2014 - Within Temptation @ Alcatraz - Milan (IT)
October 27, 2014 - Anastacia @ Fabrique - Milan (IT)
November 29, 2014 - Disney's Beauty And The Beast @ Politeama Rossetti - Trieste (IT)
January 23, 2015 - Jesus Christ Superstar with Ted Neeley @ Politeama Rossetti - Trieste (IT)
March 17, 2015 - Tokio Hotel @ Fabrique - Milan (IT)
May 10, 2015 - Romeo & Giulietta @ Politeama Rossetti - Trieste (IT)
July 11, 2015 - Il Volo @ Piazza Dell'Unità D'Italia - Trieste (IT)


create accessories and outfits, dancing, magic, music, paint, reading books, shopping, singing, watching tv shows, wicca

Favorite Music:

alessandra amoroso, anastacia, annie lennox, apocalyptica, ariana grande, biagio antonacci, bon jovi, britney spears, carly rose sonenclar, cassandra steen, celine dion, christina aguilera, david bowie, delain, dido, dolcenera, dr.dre, e nomine, eklipse, eluveitie, eminem, emma, enigma, enya, epica, era, evanescence, fatun, faun, fifth harmony, gemelli diversi, giorgia, goo goo dolls, gregorian, guano apes, gwen stefani, hoobastank, iggy pop, indica, jennifer lopez, jennifer love hewitt, jessie j, journey, justin timberlake, keri hilson, kosheen, linkin park, lucya russo, lyric 145, mandy moore, mater dea, michael jackson, mike & the mechanics, missy elliott, modà, monrose, moya brennan, nena, nicki minaj, nightwish, nine inch nails, nsync, obscura, one republic, outkast, p!nk, paige thomas, pain, panik, paolo meneguzzi, phil collins, queen, rammstein, red hot chili peppers, rolling stones, samy deluxe, sarah mckennit, sex pistols, silbermond, sirenia, snoop dogg, sonata arctica, sting, t.A.t.U., tarja, tate stevens, the banshee, the police, timbaland, tiziano ferro, tokio hotel, train, van canto, van halen, vangelis, victoria justice, vino alan, within temptation

Favorite Movies:

13 going 30, A Time For Dancing, A walk to remember, Arthur und die minimoys, Avatar, Black Swan, City of Angels, Crossroads, Labyrinth, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Requiem For A Dream, Saw, Seven Pounds, Speak, Step Up, The Crow, The Exorcist, The Hangover, The Pursuit of Happyness, The Wrestler, Titanic, Winters Tale

Favorite TV Shows:

Alias, Beverly Hills 90210, Brothers&Sisters, Charmed, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Everwood, Games Of Thrones, Ghost Whisperer, Glee, Lost, Medium, Once Upon A Time, Person Of Interest, Sherlock, Six Feet Under, Teen Wolf, The Nanny, The Vampire Diaries, Veronica Mars, Victorious, Zoey 101

Favorite Books:

A Mothers Gift, Arthur und die Minimoys, Bowie: The Berliner Trilogy, Dexter, Harry Potter, Heart to Heart, Speak, The Fault In Our Stars, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, The Vampire Diaries, Winters Tale